Great Muscle Building Supplements

Exercise is a significant aspect of most people’s lives. It’s certainly understandable why a lot of individuals desire to strive to stay fit and looking great. In fact, you simply get one body and one life; therefore it’s wise to take care of yours and stay healthy since you grow older. While many ladies consider cardio and calorie-burning exercises to keep their tummies trim and thighs fit, countless men prefer muscle building routines. This is just human nature. Even though it doesn’t always work using this method, it’s pretty common nonetheless. However, gaining lean muscle mass merely by lifting weights 3 to 4 times each week is usually not enough. This is where new-age muscle building supplements fit into the picture. Supplements are generally a welcome addition to any workout. If you’ve yet to give these protein-infused products a trial, now’s the time. 
Now days you can find definitely oodles of muscle building supplements gracing the shelves of nutrition stores. These supplements contains anything from energy bars, to pre-made protein shakes, to high-carb energy bars, to convenient protein bars, to protein powders, to meal replacement bars, to much more. Naturally this could make the process of choosing great muscle building supplements somewhat of the challenge for you. So let me provide you with the scoop on some efficient muscle builders that won’t hurt your body. A popular supplement embraced by many weight lifters these days is whey protein. This product generally comes in powder form and sells for as low as 10-14 bucks for 2 pounds. You’ll be able to pick it up in GNC stores and grocery stores as well. Even Wal-Mart and Target offer a variety of whey protein muscle supplements. Another popular protein product is muscle milk. This one is a bit newer to the supplement world that whey products and offers some additional muscle building nutrients. Just keep in mind that it’s more pricey if you purchase it premade. 
Although numerous muscle building supplements grace the market now days, it’s crucial to remember that you want one that suits your exercise and muscle building goals. In fact, these products are designed to assist you in gaining more lean muscle mass and getting rid of excess body fat. Find your muscle supplement today!

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Carbohydrates and Muscle Building

Is your muscle building diet helping you gain the largest amount of muscle, or is it sabotaging your efforts? Often times we have no problem eating carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are found in many of the foods that we already eat, such as: fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.

The problem is that we are not eating the right type of carbohydrates at the right times to build muscles. Eating the right source at the right time is as important as how you work out!

Too often, most of us consume too many calories from carbohydrates. How does that happen?
There are two types of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates have only one or two molecules, whereas complex carbohydrates have three or more molecules.

What does this mean?

It means that simple carbohydrates are absorbed and metabolized quickly by your body providing a fast, short burst of energy. Eating an excess of these will result in extra fat being stored on your body.

Simple carbohydrates consist of: white breads, pastas and cereals, non-starchy vegetables and fruit.

Complex carbohydrates are absorbed and metabolized at a slower rate and provide a more sustained source of energy. Complex carbohydrates consist of: legumes, whole grain breads and pasta, and starchy vegetables.

A muscle building diet should consist of complex carbohydrates as they provide you with energy over an extended period of time. Eating a simple carbohydrate is great, but only immediately after a workout. The reason that this is true is because your body needs to absorb more nutrients following a workout and the simple carbohydrates are able to replenish your glycogen level and insulin levels quickly. After your workout, insulin is responsible for transferring nutrients from your blood to your cells. This process is extremely important as it speeds up the process of protein synthesis, building muscle tissue. The insulin spike helps drive more nutrients into your bloodstream and helps feed your muscles.

The carbohydrates that you eat are stored in your muscles and liver. During your workout, your body converts these carbs into energy. Because your body relies on carbohydrates to burn as fuel, it is important to consume adequate amounts so that your body does not convert protein, not carbohydrates, into energy. Your body is unable to distinguish between protein that you eat, and protein in your muscle tissue, so, again, you can see how important it is for you to eat the right kind of carbohydrate.

What are the best sources of carbohydrates?

Ones that are of the complex variety, low in fat, high in fiber and contain protein. Kidney beans, brown rice, oats, mixed vegetables, whole grain breads, whole grain pastas and whole grain cereals are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates. Be sure to choose whole grain breads, pasta and cereals, as the traditional white breads, pastas and cereals are simple carbohydrates and are not an efficient source of energy.

Eating a serving of complex carbohydrates before you workout will provide your body with the energy that it needs to fuel your workout. Eating a simple carbohydrate after your workout will help your body to replenish glycogen and create and insulin spike which will encourage your body to absorb more nutrients. Following your awesome workout schedule and consuming the proper amount and types of carbohydrates will help your body look its best!

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Muscle Building at 50

I admire people who manage to stay fit even when they are over 50. We all know that looking good entails a lot of effort but have you ever wondered how other people do it? Muscle building at 50 is not that difficult like how other people would put it, it’s not impossible to have a great body at this age. You just have to be smart in choosing what kind of workout routine works best for you and your body type. Contrary to what fad workouts dictate, high repetitions will not give you the results that you want. Spending more time in the gym doing pointless repetitions will not do you any good. Another thing is you shouldn’t aim for the number of sets you do every session. The key is intensity! Insufficient effort is always equal to poor results. The only way to gain muscles is to put stress in your body that it’s not used to. Muscle growth is stimulated while training heavy but training with heavy weights alone may actually slow down if not slow down your progress. Fitness experts say that repeated intense workout combined with lighter weights will help you tone your muscles and increase their mass. Don’t rush in intensifying your workout, always start small and then increase gradually until you feel some pressure.

One important thing to remember is that you have to keep your heart rate up. Sweating while lifting some weights means that blood is flowing. The oxygen delivered by the blood flow actually increases muscle mass and keeps you from dehydration. Always drink water before working out and drink more after you get done.

According to many trainers the “Super Slow” Method will help in achieving faster results. How so? By slowing down the rate of weight lifting, you reduce the natural momentum which then makes the muscle work harder. When we force our muscles to work harder, you gain faster in terms of muscle mass. This method also keeps your heart rate up during your workout which gives you cardio benefits. Some people saw some noticeable results even just working out twice every week. Pay close attention to routines that wrestle the biceps and triceps (extensions and curls). You can also do chest presses to give your chest muscles a workout. For your lower body, you can do leg extensions and curls.

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Building Muscle From Within

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”

Much emphasis is placed on the physical act amongst those trying to build muscle fast that the mental side of training is often left neglected. Although the physical side of training is a must (that goes without saying!), a large portion of getting that extra strength and seeing real tangible results is manufactured in the mind.

Before you even step into the gym, you have to visualize yourself lifting those extreme weights. Picture it in your mind’s eye as if it were reality already and see the difference when you actually perform the exercise. Visualize the feeling you get when you lift hard and lift heavy and keep that feeling when you set foot in the gym.

Many people underestimate the power of the mind, but rest assured that half the battle in achieving real muscle building results comes from the mind. If you find yourself at 80% motivation levels, then you are inevitably going to lift at 80% of your capability levels. And what is a lack of motivation but a lack of synchronicity in your beliefs and your actions. If you cannot believe that you will lift big, then you will never. For world class bodybuilders the manifestation of success is literally not being able to lift the weight for another rep. I.e. there idea of success was failure!

Far too many gym-goers who are looking to bulk up and build muscle mass fast just go through the routines without exerting any real force or energy. This should not be the case. When you leave that gym, you should feel like you cannot even lift your water bottle!

It’s not uncommon for those starting out that motivation and consistency becomes a challenge. Remember that just like our physical muscles need working out, so do out mental muscles. Make a habit of going, instill that habit and reperform that habit over and over again until it becomes second nature. Once you are passed that stage of an initial lack of motivation, you will actually enjoy the feeling of working out.

When trying to make his first break into Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger was ridiculed by almost everybody in the business. When once questioned as to how he was going to make it, he calmly responded with unwavering determination that he would adopt the same mental mindset used in bodybuilding and use those principles in the film industry. Not only did he make it, he succeeded hugely and has since carved out a successful political career.

If you can adopt an attitude of mental brilliance you will see results that will benefit you in the outside world, maybe your career, relationship or family life. If you can adopt that attitude of, “My mind is the limit, as long as I can envision it, I can do it, because I believe it 100%” you will be destined for success; success not only in achieving your goals in building muscle, but in every aspect of your life.

Manni Marquez,

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