Right Eating For Muscle Building

Eat more for muscle building. We all know that training is more important than diet for muscle building. Food is important for optimal recovery of muscles. It is often that people do not eat enough for building muscles. You have to eat like a horse for building muscles. Don’t miss your breakfast. Breakfast provides the first calories for your body. Eating breakfast should be made as a habit. Eating after workout is important. Proteins and carbohydrates after workouts will help for muscle recovery.

The energy loss after workouts will be replenished through post workout meals. Spread your meals throughout the day. Eat every 3 hours so that you are getting six meals per day. This will help to increase your metabolic rate. 18 calories for every lbs will help to build muscles. Keep a track of your calories intake. Multiply your weight in lbs with 18 calories and consume food. Weight gain is natural for muscle building. You cannot look muscular if you are weighing 140 lbs and having 6 feet height.

Eating right amount of food only can make you muscular. Training alone cannot make you muscular. You will not be able to build muscles from the routine you are following. Calories dense food is needed for building muscles. Eating pasta, oats, olive oil, mixed nuts, etc will help to build muscles. You can become stronger by increasing your workouts. Do more squats using 300 lbs. Muscle building is directly related to strength building exercises. You should get stronger for building muscle.

Drinking milk will help you to build muscles. You should not think that you will become fat by drinking mild. Milk will be a top up drink besides your food intake. Protein intake is essential for muscle building. Food is the most important fuel for building muscles. Lean protein and omega 3 is good for muscle building. Make sure that you are getting these nutrients as part of your meals. You should eat small meals as often as possible.

A small snack should be taken after you do the workouts. You will get more energy by having a snack like banana before workouts. Small snacks full of proteins like yogurt or light cheese should be taken after meals. To get bigger muscles you should have a right workout routine. Free weight training should be a part of your routines. Free weight training helps building muscles naturally. You should use heavy weight with fewer reps to create muscle.

To get over your health problems is not that easy, but by accumulating a wide knowledge about various health products that can easily be bought from internet not only helps you but also helps others get benefitted by your knowledge about health and fitness products. Nutrition for building muscle deals with many useful health tips and products that may save you and your loved ones from harmful diseases.

Full Body Workouts For Muscle Building

You can build muscles without looking for muscle magazine workouts. Isolation exercises are good once you have built the base exercises. You can depend on squat since it is considered as the king of all workouts. You should consider squats, dead lifts, bench press, barbell rows, overhead press, pull-ups and dips for building muscle at an accelerated rate. Great muscle gainers will do workout 5 to 6 times a week. But they did not begin it this way. The number of days per week was added when they got stronger. You will be doing excess exercises if you are working out 5 to 6 times weekly. A beginner will need more recovery time.

Rest and recovery time is an important factor in muscle building. Muscles are growing not when you are working out. They grow when you are resting. You can start your workout routines with three full body workouts in a week. Your focus should be on increasing intensity. The time you are spending in a gym is not at all a factor. Sleep is an important factor in muscle building. Growth hormones are released when you are sleeping. Muscle building hence takes place when you are sleeping. You should have 8 hours of sleep daily. You can take a nap after you have done your workouts if you have got time.

Drinking lot of water is essential for muscle building. Water is good to avoid dehydration and helps recovery of muscles. 2 cups of water after meals will serve good. You should make it a practice to sip water after doing each workout. Eat sufficient food to build muscles. Your training will not be supported if you are not eating sufficient food. You need enough calories for recovery and muscle building. Whole food will lower body fat. Muscle you are building will show only if you have less fat content in your body.

Vitamins and minerals will help muscle recovery. Stop eating junk foods. Ninety percentage of your food intake should be whole foods. Proteins rich food like meat, poultry, fish, eggs and milk are good for building muscles. Carbohydrates rich food like brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta and quinoa will give more energy for doing the workouts. Vegetables like broccoli, tomato, salad, carrot are also good for muscle building. Fruits like banana, orange, apple, pineapple and peers can be taken after each meal. Fats are also good if present in olive oil, fish oil, real butter, nuts and flax seeds for muscle building.

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Building Muscle Mass With Russian Stim

The development of muscles of the body is important for every living thing. Every movement made involves the use of one or more of these important parts of the body. Having them in good condition is a must for over all health. One way to be sure this happens is with the Russian stim method.

The fact that an electrical current can activate muscles was discovered many years ago and it has been studied ever since. Different amounts of this current affects the targeted areas as well as affecting cells, nerves and blood vessels.

This type of increasing activity of body mass has been adapted by the medical community. It is used in rehabilitation and other areas where reviving muscle activity is necessary. This method is now being actively tested on people with paralysis to attempt to revive nerves in the affected areas. It has also been used in the training of athletes who are entering other types of competition.

Many body builders and others wishing to increase a certain area size, in order to compete or just feel good, use this method to achieve their goal. Exercising is one way to provide this increase of mass but using this type of apparatus does not require excessive movement of the body. The two activities are often used simultaneously. Many of these people are training for a specific purpose such as competitions or have some other reason to want a large display of muscle.

A program using this process does not aid in weight reduction or calorie burning. That can only be done by actual exercise and/or correct diet. It is said to be effective in injuries to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It is not used for pain control but simply to prevent muscle atrophy and keep the limbs active. It’s main purpose is to improve muscle tone by stimulating particular areas.

There are two different types of this program which have been approved by the FDA. One is over the counter and one requires a medical prescription. The medical prescription is for therapy and must be under the supervision of an authorized person. On the prescription model electrodes are attached to various muscle positions under supervision and heavier currents are used compared to the model available to the public.

Some of the over the counter models have the electrodes attached to a belt or some other type of holder which is then put on the area desired. Other have individual units which can be placed in various places. It uses an electric current and has the power of a 9 volt battery with various time set modes which one can set for length of time desired.

This method, called the Russian Stim, does not completely replace exercise, but is used in conjunction with it, if one sincerely wishes to improve muscle mass. The unit contracts and relaxes the area where the electrodes are attached, thus creating the same changes as would occur in voluntary contraction of the muscles.

The electronic muscle stimulator is useful for physical therapy and medical rehabilitation. One specialized ESM product that stands out is the Russian Stim. Known for its pain relief and minimum disturbance, the Russian Stim is popular among many Asian countries.

Building Lean Muscle Mass with Protein

What if I told you that most dieting myths of the past 20 years have already been scientifically debunked? Would you believe me if I said that fat doesn’t make you fat, diet sodas and zero-calorie sweeteners actually lead to greater weight GAIN, and carbohydrates are often not your friends? Chance are, you might feel a little depressed, especially if you have some weight to lose. If those classic tidbits of diet advice are worthless, what CAN help you slim down and shape up? Are you simply doomed to a life of size 14 jeans and a one-piece bathing suit, or a perpetual beer belly if you’re a guy?

Take heart, dieters of the 21st century! Lean muscle mass is the way to go when it comes to burning off extra fat. A pound of muscle burns almost 350 calories more per week than the same pound of fat, which means that over time increased muscle mass will actually eat away at your fat stores (assuming you’re not overeating). This can result in a loss of up to 5 lb of fat per year – and trust me, losing 20 pounds of FAT is quite different than losing 20 pounds of weight. On a traditional, high-carbohydrate reduced calorie diet, only a third or fourth of weight lost by dieters comes from fat – the rest results from muscle or water loss. In extremely low calorie diets additional weight may also be lost from organs and bones – NOT what you want! Getting skinny this way also doesn’t take care of your cellulite – it’s possible to weigh 115 pounds and still be flabby. Fat loss is FAR more important than weight loss, and when you build muscle, you’ll lose fat.

So what does it take to build this fabulous lean muscle? Well, let’s go into some science real quick – muscle is composed of glycogen, a type of protein. While glycogen stores are replenished in a variety of ways, the most important nutrient requirement is obvious: PROTEIN! If you want to build muscle, you’ll need to have a good source of protein. Meat-eating dieters can most likely get by on animal products, but a vegetarian or serious body-builder will definitely want to invest in a high quality whey protein powder. The best natural protein supplements will go by the name whey protein isolate; soy and rice protein powder is also available, but these sources are more highly refined.

If you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, get plenty of natural protein via a high protein diet, and train your muscles 2-3x a week, you WILL see those pounds slide off – and you won’t have been fooled by those crazy diet myths from the 80’s!

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Top 5 Muscle Building Mistakes

There are plenty of muscle building mistakes that both men and women make. Here are five of the most common ones:

1. Using bad form and technique when lifting weights.

It’s amazing how much bad form and technique you see in gyms everywhere. I often see more people at my gym using bad form and technique than I see using good form and technique.

Many people perform their reps at a fast speed, swinging the weight up and down, or they perform half-reps instead of using a full range of motion. Bad form and technique is usually the result of someone using a weight that’s too heavy for them. In order to lift the weight, they have to use momentum or do half-reps.

When lifting weights, you want to use a weight that challenges you but that’s not so heavy that your form and technique get sloppy. Use muscle power, not momentum, to lift the weight. Don’t heave, swing or bounce the weight. Lift and lower the weight in a steady and controlled manner while concentrating on feeling the muscle that you’re working (this is called the mind-muscle connection). Use a full range of motion on each rep.

2. Not training hard enough.

You have to work out with a high level of intensity if you want to build muscle. Plenty of people just go through the motions when lifting weights, often using the same amount of weight and doing the same number of reps for months at a time.

In order to build muscle, your workouts have to be challenging enough to put some serious stress on your muscles. Stress on the muscles is what causes them to grow and get stronger. Once you reach a point where particular exercises in your workout routine aren’t very challenging anymore, it’s time to raise the intensity by increasing the number of reps you perform or the amount of weight you use for those exercises.

3. Training too often.

Training too often interferes with both your muscle’s and your nervous system’s ability to recuperate from your weight lifting workouts. It’s important to understand that muscles don’t grow during training, they grow after training. Lifting weights causes microscopic tears in the muscles, and rest days allow the muscles to repair themselves, grow and get stronger.

Training too often and not giving your muscles enough time to recover will cause muscle growth and strength increases to come to a halt. A muscle needs at least 48 hours of rest to recover from a weight lifting workout, so never train the same muscle group two days in a row.

4. Performing the wrong exercises.

We are all individuals, and we all respond differently to exercise. Particular exercises that work best for me or someone else might not work best for you.

Too many people get locked into doing particular exercises that their bodies don’t respond well to because they’ve read somewhere or been told by someone that these are the exercises they have to do in order to build muscle. You need to try a variety of different exercises in order to determine which ones your body responds best to. Don’t continue performing certain exercises if you’re not getting good results from those exercises.

5. Not following a proper nutrition program.

Building muscle and proper nutrition go hand in hand. Proper nutrition helps your muscles recover from your workouts and helps your muscles grow and get stronger. Proper nutrition also provides you with the energy you need for your weight training workouts. You can follow the best weight lifting program ever developed, but if you’re not following a proper nutrition program you’ll have trouble building muscle.

There are countless nutrition programs on the market that claim that their way of eating is the right way to eat to build muscle, but the reality is that no single nutrition program works for everyone. What types of food you should eat, what mix of protein, carbohydrate and fat you should eat, and how much food you should eat needs to be based on factors such as your body type, your genetics and your metabolism. In other words, your nutrition program has to be personalized so it can meet your individual needs and goals. The more personalized your nutrition program is, the more effectively you’ll build muscle.

In conclusion, by avoiding these five common muscle building mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to building more muscle and strength and developing a better looking body.

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Workout Building Muscle ? The Better Way

In a recent study published by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, subjects aged 40 to 75 were instructed to do 60 minutes of aerobic exercise per day for 6 days per week for an entire year. Given the amount of exercise, you’d expect weight losses of 20, 30 pounds, or more wouldn’t you?

The findings were somewhat of a surprise showing the average fat loss for female subjects was only 4 pounds for the entire year, while men lost 6.6 pounds of fat over the year. That’s over 300 hours of aerobic exercise just to lose a measly 6 pounds of blubber.

So what’s the better way? I hear you all ask, what is a better workout building muscle? It’s a combination of interval training and strength training to get better body sculpting results. With intervals, you’ll achieve more fat burning results in less workout time. The next time you are out exercising, perform a session of interval training. If you are walking or running outside, find an incline that can challenge you for 60 seconds, then walk down for 60-120 seconds, and repeat up to 6 times.

If you can burn fat and lose weight with a workout building muscle. Why do some people think that you don’t burn fat with strength training? A new study hot off the presses from the prestigious Journal of Applied Physiology showed strength training boosts metabolism by 10% after exercise and increases fat burning by 100%.  In this study, subjects did a standard three exercise set strength training program focusing on multi-muscle exercises and showed just how powerful it is for fat loss…

During strength training, you apply turbulence to your muscles, causing an increase in your metabolism and fat burning after the workout. That’s how you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So forget about the “calorie readout” on the cardio machines. While strength training doesn’t burn as many calories as traditional aerobic training during the workout itself, it continues to burn calories and fat long after your workout.

We need to understand that it doesn’t matter how much fat we burn as a percent of total calories burned during the workout. In fact, we don’t even need to get hung up on the amount of calories burned during our exercise session. All we need to do is focus on boosting metabolism with strength training. Boosting metabolism with interval training and eating for fat loss with the proper nutrition guidelines.

The Turbulence Training program will give you the big picture. That means getting your diet and nutrition in order, then focus your workouts on brief, intense strength and interval training workouts that increase your metabolism for the next 24 hours.  It is a professional and proven program that will direct you in all aspects of health and fitness.

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Muscle Building Diet Info – Part 1

In previous articles, we looked at various characteristics that your workouts would have to have for maximum muscle building.  But training is only one part of the overall process.  
Your muscle building program will never be ‘complete’ unless you have the right diet.

When trying to building muscle, the first thing you need to think about is your overall caloric intake.  You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s true – gaining weight and losing weight is all about calories in vs. calories out.  If you consume more calories than you burn up, then you’re going to gain weight.  If you burn up more calories than you consume, then you’re going to lose weight.  It’s as simple as that.

Now, most people think of that little equation when they want to lose weight, or keep from gaining fat.  They’re usually worried that if they take in more calories than they burn up, they’re gonna gain weight, and that weight is going to be fat.  Now, for the most part, that’s true.  However, the same principles apply when talking about putting on muscle.

See, you can never put on more bodyweight (be it muscle or fat) unless you’re consuming enough calories.  You’ll never add 20 pounds of lean muscle or add an inch to your arms when if you’re barely eating.  It just won’t happen.  It would be like trying to build a huge office building with only one truckload of bricks.  It’s just not going to be enough.

So the first thing you need to make sure of is that you’re eating enough.  You don’t have to go crazy and eat 8000 or 9000 calories per day like some of the bodybuilding magazines tell you to do.  You can start off by just adding 500 calories per day to your diet – that will do a lot more than you probably think.  And 500 calories isn’t that much on a daily basis – you wouldn’t be adding crazy amounts of food to what you already consume.

If you’re really small and have a fast metabolism, you could even go for 1000 extra calories per day.  (I’ve got a fairly extreme example you could follow that I’ll tell you about at the end of this article.)
After ensuring that you’re consuming enough calories, you need to make sure that a fair number of those calories are coming from protein.

Protein essentially is muscle.  Protein is made up of amino acids, and it’s amino acids that are known as the “building blocks of muscle”.  So when you consume protein, you’re consuming the very thing that’s going to directly go toward building extra muscle.  So you have to make sure your protein consumption is high.

That doesn’t mean you have to go totally overboard, though.  There are some recommendations out there that are just nuts – 2-2.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, 400-500 grams of protein per day…wow.  That’s nuts.

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The Ideal Muscle Building Solution

Contrary to popular opinion, building muscle is based on a few very simple fundamentals. However, through years of deceptive marketing, bogus theories and is useless supplements, the focus has been removed from these fundamentals. In fact, the marketing world has had everyone convinced that building muscle can be done by ingesting a few powders, pills or portions or even jumping onto the latest workout craze. Now everyone is searching for that elusive ‘Holy Grail’.

The truth is much less glamorous than this. Simply put, building muscle has to be approached very clinically in order to get the best results. It also has to be specific toward your goals and exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your physique. What I am talking about is a customised approach, that tailors itself specifically your somatotype (the type of muscle fibres that are dominant within your body). You will also need to consider your age, your weight, your lifestyle, your current goals and also, you need to consider much time you can dedicate to your bodybuilding conquest (you don’t need much).

As a matter of fact, muscle is built by nutrients and therefore, nutrition has to be the biggest area of focus if you’re going to pursue the goal successfully. Ideally, the best possible situation is whereby muscle mass is gained without any fat being gained. This makes diet a central component. Your diet needs to have the right amount of calories and macronutrients, especially before and after your workouts.

This nutrition also needs to factor in muscle recovery, enabling the muscles to best grow and recover when you’re out of gym. You also need to be fuelling your body in the correct manner in the two anabolic windows which are before and after your workouts. These seemingly minor and mundane practices tend to make the difference between a trainee who frequents the gym for many months, spending hours and each session while getting nowhere and the trainee will only stays the gym for less than an hour at a time, three times a week and seems to have add layers upon layers of muscle.

Another thing that needs to be factored in is discovering just how many calories and nutrition your body needs to maintain your existing (and increasing) muscle mass. This is necessary so as not to lose all the muscle that you have worked (and are working) so hard for.

When it comes to supplementation, a lot of trainees follow the rough guidelines that are given either on the instructional pack on the side of their protein shake tub or in a fitness magazine that they happen to came across. Its safe to say that this information is not in any way customised towards the trainee’s goals, physique and lifestyle.

You need to know exactly how much shake you need to optimise muscle growth without gaining any excess fat.. So what am I suggesting? I suggest that if you want to pack on slabs upon slabs of muscle in the shortest amount of time possible, then you need to take a more customised approach. You need to use a more focused method that zeroes in on your goals and takes advantage of every muscle building opportunity possible. This will enable you to gain a lot of muscle in impossibly short periods of time. It will also keep you motivated as you will start to see results almost immediately.

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5 Top Muscle Building Foods

When thinking about top muscle building foods, most people think that they have to eat as much as possible of big meals and without thinking about what they are eating, as long as they eat enough.

If you know just a little about diet you know that the above statement is not true. It is true that if we want to get bigger and build mass we need to eat more, but we need to eat the right top muscle building foods that will provide your body with the right nutrition that it can use to grow.

We need to eat several times a day, preferably around 6 meals and the size of the meals should depend on what your goal is, to gain mass or to lose weight.

Top muscle building foods

-1st top muscle building foods:
Eggs are among most people’s top muscle building foods and for good reasons; eggs contain a good amount of protein along with healthy fat. It is also easy for your body to break down eggs into amino acids.

-2nd top muscle building foods:
Salmon is great for building muscle as it is rich of protein and omega-3 fats. Omega 3 fats promotes muscle repair and controls your cortisol level, which will increase your testosterone level and ultimately build muscle.

-3rd top muscle building foods:
If your goal is to gain weight, but are a hard gainer then I will introduce whole milk as an option. Whole milk contains a great amount of proteins and fat. The fat found in whole milk has shown to help against muscle breakdown and unlike many other fat types; it has a lower chance of storing the fat as body fat.

Whole milk is especially on a lot of bulker’s top muscle building foods, but if you are on a diet, then you should rather go for other kind of milks in your top muscle building foods.

-4th top muscle building foods:
Yoghurt is in the top muscle building foods because it is a great source of protein and fat. Yoghurt used to have a lot of calories, but it is now possible to find great tasting yoghurt, with low calories and a lot of proteins and fat.

Another reason why yoghurt is on the top muscle building foods list is because of the so called “good” bacteria´s that it holds and good bacteria’s are essential to a healthy stomach.

-5th top muscle building foods:
Lean meat is on most people´s top muscle building foods list as it is rich in proteins and iron, which transport oxygen to every part of your cell and results in energy and is also great for memory.

Other top muscle building foods

Other worthy top muscle building foods are fish, chicken, nuts, cheese, spinach, beans, protein powder, bacon etc.

If you include the above 5 top muscle building foods, you will quickly start to see the results that you might have lacked and provide your body with essential nutrition’s that will help you in your daily life.

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Top 10 Exercises to Arm Muscle Building

Arm muscle building is popular in the building muscle arena and has all kind of different names to, like when you reach 40cm around your arms, they are called “guns”.

Your arm consists of three muscles, your biceps, your triceps and your forearms. But before going into the arm muscle building exercises, I want to make it clear that you will not build arm muscle if you do not eat the right nutrition’s and do not perform the exercises correctly.

Even if you can’t lift those heavy weights to perform the right techniques, don’t be hassled about it, because the agenda is to have nice definitions and make them grow.

We will start with 4 biceps exercises, then 4 triceps exercises and finally 2 forearm exercises. With all the arm muscle building exercises, I recommend you keeping your arms close to your body, so that you are forced to use your arms and not the whole body as support.

Biceps arm muscle building exercises

-Arm muscle building exercise #1:The first biceps exercise can either be performed with a barbell or dumbbells. It is the standing barbell/dumbbell curls. For heavier weights you can also choose to sit down.

-Arm muscle building exercise #2:This is the hammer curl and works on your brachialis, which is an important part of your biceps and adds the extra dimension to your biceps.

-Arm muscle building exercise #3:The preacher curl is a good isolation exercise for your biceps and also puts pressure on your forearms.

-Arm muscle building exercise #4:The final biceps exercise is the incline dumbbell curls, which is a great exercise for your biceps as it only allows your biceps and forearms to work and not the rest of the body.

Forearm and triceps arm muscle building

-Arm muscle building exercise #5:I like to start my triceps exercises with the triceps push down. You need a pully to work with and it is great as a warm-up for your triceps and a good triceps isolator.

-Arm muscle building exercise #6:The close grip bench press is a great exercise to target the core triceps muscle. It’s an immense muscle builder and should always be in your tricep exercises.

-Arm muscle building exercise #7:The triceps dumbbell extension can either be done sitting or standing. I prefer to do it standing as I get a more complete feeling on the triceps.

-Arm muscle building exercise #8:I like the dip because you have to use your own bodyweight. When you get stronger you can even strap a weight belt around you and increase the weight for a core triceps exercise.

-Arm muscle building exercise #9:Barbell/dumbbell wrist curl is great for an isolation workout for your forearms and you can notice a change in a short time.

-Arm muscle building exercise #10:Reverse barbell/dumbbell wrist curl is the same as the above, but with a reverse grip.

All of the above exercise will guarantee results as they are great muscle builders. Put the arm muscle building exercises in your muscle building program as you like and enjoy doing them.

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