5 Muscle Building Home Workouts

Its true! We don’t all have the time to go to the gym all the time, much more put the effort to actually go. But no worries, you don’t need a gym in order to get started on the journey to a better body. You can always get started at home, without the need more expensive equipment or an expensive gym membership.

Push ups

Push ups are probably the most hated form of natural exercise, especially among women. But let’s face it, they are still useful. They help strengthen your arms, biceps, and pecs. If you want to strengthen your chest, you should have your arms wider and further apart. Push ups are a powerful exercise if done right. In order to do them right you need to go down really low and have your butt pointing inwards.

Sit ups
It is falsely believed that sit ups help burn belly fat but the truth is, it does not. You need to do other things in order to lose belly fat. But if you have very little belly fat, sit ups are a great way to increase the depth, size, and strength of your abs. For extra support, you can put your arms outwards and pretend you are holding on to a bar in order to pull yourself up. This helps with balance and gives you more power.

You may take jumping for granted, but there are many benefits to it. Much more than you think. Jumping can get your heart beat up and can build up your stamina. Jumping also helps with your leg muscles and if you are still growing, jumping can help you get taller. The muscles used in jumping are the calf muscles and thigh muscles.

Back Extension
If you have back problems are back pain, doing this can make a big difference. To do a back extension, lay flat on the ground with your stomach on the floor. Hold your hands to your chin or extend them outwards. Now lift them up while also lifting your head up as if you are trying to look up. You can also lift your legs at the same time if you can do it.

Squats help build muscle on your legs and insures better stamina. When done correctly, you should feel a burn in your thighs. To do a squat, it is wise to either extend your arms out or to put your index fingers on your temple. A squat should be done slowly and you should go mid way to the ground.

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Best Muscle Building Workouts – Programs

Best Muscle Building Workouts

Body building is a serious matter. Most people want to pursue this interest for health, others for their self-esteem, while others intend to create an aesthetic significance. Generally, body building is a significantly beneficial body pursuit, however most people are actually deterred from this field because of the tough commitment it requires. Most importantly, some people are deterred because they are not getting the shape they want regardless of their effort. Well don’t give up because you are probably on the right track but could use a little guidance.

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Tips For Effective Muscle Building

There are as many ways to train as there are trainers. Most of them aim to teach the most effective muscle building and body building technique possible. Regardless, there are some tips that will remain true all the time and help you make your workouts more productive:

Eat well, not junk food and empty calories, and drink a lot of water. The best diet for body building is still a hotly debated subject, so I won’t go in details here, but find one that works for your body and stick to it. It should be a pleasure to eat well, not a chore, so make sure to have some little treats and rewards to help you stick with it.
Make sure you do a proper warm up before a training session with stretches and cardiovascular exercises. It will help your body and mind get into the right state for more intensive training and make sure you won’t get injured. Also, your training will be more effective if you’ve warmed up correctly.
Have a clear set of goals you want to achieve with your training. Knowing where you’re going and what you want to do will help you choose what to do. Also, clear objectives will help you stay on track when comes the time to build your own training program, or when speaking to a trainer.
Choose a good set of techniques and methods. You can choose to follow the techniques of a particular training guru, or choose the ones you know work well for you. But if you wish to follow a given method, follow it to the letter at first: most things are probably there for a reason, and trying the method as a whole will help you understand it better.

If you apply all these tips and train regularly and consistently, you will have success, regardless of the methods and techniques you use. There are many ways to build great muscle, but for all of them you need to take proper care of your body and have clear goals to achieve.

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Lose Fat With Muscle Building Techniques

If you want to lose fat and avoid getting it back, you should consider using muscle building techniques. You may not see a big loss in weight at first, but you will replace your belly fat with lean, hard muscle. Yes, you will need to do some sacrifices, but the results will be worth it. What would you rather have, an extra hour in front of the TV, or the body you’ve always wanted? So, here are a few key points to help you get started.

First, body builder put lots of emphasis on a good diet and good eating habits. You won’t need to go as far as they do with very precise diet plans and restrictions if you only want to lose a bit of fat, but you will see a lot of benefits immediately if you cut out the fast food and replace it with natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

Also, you have to use those muscles to maintain them, so a muscle building program can be a good idea if you’ve not been active for a long time. There are a lot of techniques and methods available, so read around to find one you like so yo will keep working at it. Remember, you have to rebuild the muscle you lost with a complete training program that works with all muscle groups. Expect to gain muscle pretty fast at first without a lot of change to your weight. Keep working at it and you will notice pretty soon that you’re stronger and leaner, even if it doesn’t show on the scale.

So, dust off that old training equipment that’s lying in the basement and get working to replace all that fat with muscles. This is the best way to be sure that the fat won’t come back. You will need some discipline at first, but once you get into the habit you won’t be able to live without your daily dose of muscle building exercises.

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Muscle Building Using Only Bodyweight

For those of us who do not have the time or money to go to the gym for muscle building, bodyweight exercises can do the trick. You can do these exercises when you are at home or even when you are out on a vacation.

In order to build muscle, the body requires stress. The equation is simple, the more stress you apply on your body, more is the muscle it builds. You can use your bodyweight effectively to increase your muscle mass by incorporating the following exercises in your daily routine:

Pushups: These exercises can be used to develop shoulder, chest and arm muscles. Do regular pushups by lying horizontal with your face facing the floor and moving your body up and down using the arms. When doing regular pushups become easy, you can put your feet on a higher object. If you think you are strong enough, you can even try having a person sit on your back when you do pushups. This will make the task more difficult and build up more muscle.

Pull ups: There can be two forms of this exercise – pull ups that develop your back; and, chin ups that mainly help build your biceps. Hang yourself freely on the bar with arms straight and palms facing your face. Pull your body up slowly and let your chin cross the bar. These are known as chin ups. The same exercise done with the back of your palm facing you is called pull ups.

Squats: These exercises help you build leg muscles. To do this exercise, you must bend through the knees keeping your body erect and heels touching the floor. Try adding weight to your body when you find it easier to perform squats.

You can try different forms of these exercises to increase the level of stress on your body. However, you must take care that you increase the number of reps gradually.

I am affiliated to Renegade Strength and Conditioning LLC, a private athletic training academy. It is owned by Jason Ferruggia. Jason Ferruggia is a strength & conditioning specialist and muscle building expert. He has been working in this field for past 15 years. He has been training athletes from about 90 different NCAA, NFL, NHL and MLB organizations.

Building Muscle the Natural Way

Building muscle has much more benefits besides getting women left and right with your admirable six-pack. It also is an indicator of good health, and unless someone wants a beat down, they’ll think twice before messing with you. Besides all of these benefits many beginners often make the mistake of imitating professional body builders, doing their routines does not guaranty that you will build muscle fast. Why? Most of these guys do not train naturally, and some of them are genetically gifted – that’s why.

An average Joe (or Janet) needs help in order to achieve his or her goal of making sure that he or she prevents physical and mental overtraining when building muscle, because doing too much too soon often leads to physical and mental stress.

Here is how to build muscle the natural way.

1) Become stronger – you need more strength in order to get more muscle. You can do this by getting into strength training. Experts recommend weight lifting and body weight exercises.

2) Stay away from machines, use free weights instead – Machines are known to cause injuries because they force you into a fixed and unnatural pattern, but free weights are known to replicate natural movement. Free weights are known to force you to control and balance weight when you are building muscle but machines balance the weight for you.

3) Compound exercises are great – These exercises hit several muscles at the same time which is good for beginners who want to build muscle fast.

4) Do train your legs – When you do squats you work your entire body, squats are perhaps the most important exercise because when you can squat 1.5 x your body weight, you will look totally different (squat with your hips coming lower than your knees).

5) Get some recovery – Professional bodybuilders workout about 5 to 6 times every week, but they didn’t just start that way. Because building muscle requires that you add workouts as you get stronger and bigger. Beginners need more recovery because they will over train if they jump into the routines of professional bodybuilders. Beginners require the following in order to really build their muscles in the fastest and most natural ways:

Rest well: Your muscles will grow when you rest, not when you are so busy working out. You can start with 3 full body workouts every week and please learn to focus on intensity and not the time spent at the gym.

Drink a lot of water: water keeps you hydrated and help muscle recovery. You can take two cups of water with every meal and make it a habit to sip water during your workout.

Get enough sleep: when building muscle you must understand that growth hormones are released when you sleep, so try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Eat well: the aim is to “eat like a horse. Sleep like a baby and grow like a weed”. Eat lots of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fats and fruits. Eat breakfast, eat every three hours and do not eat processed foods.

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Muscle Mass Building Workout and Intensity

When you are trying to build muscle, it is inevitable that you will reach some sort of plateau. We will discuss some training methods that can help you break past these plateaus. One thing bodybuilders want is to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible when training a body part. You need to train at certain intensity in order to do this.

Let’s go over some ways to increase your intensity:

Increase the weight lifted. Gradually increasing the weight you are using in a given exercise will help in building bigger muscles. This is probably the most important tip you will learn in bodybuilding.

Try different exercises. This can stimulate muscle fibers that were not being stimulated before. If you do a flat bench press, change to incline. If you are doing barbell curls change to dumbbell curls.

Change the rest time between sets. Resting less will help you have more intensity. When resting less, you might give up some strength. Also try resting more so you can be fresher and lift heavier.

Perform supersets. This will cause your strength to be less than best but it is a form of increasing intensity. Do difference exercises back to back without rest.

Partial reps. Once you are finished doing your full reps, you can try and do only part of the rep. As with any high intensity training, use sparingly. Doing too much of this can cause fatigue and can be counter productive.

There are other high intensity techniques. If you want to build bigger muscles, you must first want to concentrate on the amount of weight you are lifting. Strive to increase this weight as often as you can while maintaining good form. That is the key. As you get stronger, you will get bigger. Increase the weight or the reps. Once you reach 8 reps, try increasing the weight and then shoot for 5 reps with the new weight.

Besides training, you will need to get the proper rest and eat to feed your muscle growth. To learn more about how to build muscle fast go to http://www.buildbiggermusclereview.com

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Finding a Muscle Building Schedule

Having a ripped chiseled body is the dream of many individuals, especially men. Though so much of society struggles to lose weight, there is a percentage that struggles to gain weight, specifically muscle. A muscle building schedule is necessary to succeed in the journey to bulk up. Of course, the exercises and workout combinations are endless. Many people find that consulting a certified trainer or fitness expert is the best beginning point to construct a muscle building schedule.

The first thing an expert will explain is the different muscle groups. Most commonly, exercises are broken down by triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, back, legs, and abdominal muscles. A typical muscle building schedule will split the workout by these muscle groups, focusing on two to three different groups a day over three or four days a week. Cardiovascular exercise will also be necessary to maintain a balanced workout regime.

Coupled with a muscle building schedule is the need for a proper diet. Though there are a multitude of different diet options, from Weight Watchers to South Beat to Atkins to NutriSytem, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a special program. Many fitness experts everywhere use the same simple formula to determine the ideal diet. It’s a breakdown of protein, fat, and carbs. Based on this formula, diets will fluctuate based on the dieter’s weight and calorie intake. To determine the ideal calorie count for an individual, a physician or fitness expert should be consulted. For the example provided below, we will assume a male individual weighing 180 pounds and maintaining a diet of 1800 calories a day (the formula does not change for male or female).

First, he should consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight. That’s 180 grams of protein. One gram of protein equals four calories. So, on this plan, 720 calories will come from protein, or 40% of the diet.

Second, approximately 25% of his calories should come from fat. These should mainly be UNSATURATED fat grams. Since one gram of fat equals nine calories, 450 calories of his diet will come from fat, which would equal 50 grams of fat.

This leaves 630 calories for carbs. Like protein, a gram of carbohydrates equals four calories, so 630 calories of carbs equals 157 grams. The key with carbs is to keep the sugars to a minimum – ZERO is perfect, but practically impossible. Fiber is a good carb. Men should consume 30 grams of fiber, while women should consume 25.

The right exercises… the right schedule… the right diet… It CAN be overwhelming, but it can STILL be a success. With the help of health experts and the wealth of information available on the internet, achieving the desired results is just around the corner!

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Tips to Quick Muscle Building

As with most anything we attempt in life, the results we are reaching for are wanted as quickly as possible. It is no different for weightlifters. While building muscle is the goal, quick muscle building is even better. There are ways to make this a reality. First, one must understand what our bodies and muscles need to make them perform at their highest level. Two of the most important aspects of weight lifting to keep in mind are muscle rest periods and proper diet to help promote gaining muscle mass.

With most things in life, the harder you work at it the better your results. However, not everything responds in this manner. When you want quick muscle building, you must understand the way the muscles work. If you over work the muscle or muscles they become stressed and unable to respond to your demands. With the proper rest periods between workouts, the muscles are given time to recuperate and then work at their optimum level during the following workout. Over working muscles can push them to the point that they will no longer respond and cease growing, this then becomes counterproductive to your ultimate goal of gaining muscle mass.

The best way to encourage your muscles to respond to your requests of growing is to allow them rest periods. To achieve quick muscle building, one must only workout three to five days a week giving the muscles a chance to rest during the remaining two to four days. This gives them a period of recuperation. In addition to rest days, your workout sessions should not last longer than one hour at a time. During this hour, you should perform five to eight sets of a given exercise for large muscle groups and three to four sets of an exercise for smaller muscle groups.

Another important area to concentrate on is your diet. To acquire quick muscle building, one must focus on the amount of protein and carbohydrates they ingest. The recommended amount is based on your body weight. Protein should be taken in at a rate of 1 gram per pound per day, while carbohydrates are eaten at a rate of 1.5 grams per pound of weight per day. In addition, you must avoid being hungry. This state places your body in a period of breaking down muscle for energy. By eating multiple small meals throughout the day, one can continue to provide food for the body and prevent the break down of muscle and at the same time build mass.

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