Four Foolproof Muscle Building Exercises

When we’re trying to build muscle, we’re all looking for that magic exercise or set of movements that will help us pack on the most mass in the quickest amount of time. There are plenty of exercises one can do for strength training and bodybuilding. However, few are worthy of the time it takes to experiment for the long term to see if they will give us gains in muscle and strength.

There are only a handful of weight lifting movements and exercises that give the most bang for the buck. So what are these exercises? What movements will help you build the most muscle? I’ve identified four top performing muscle building exercises you can throw into your current routine for more gaining more muscle mass. These four movements have been tested over the years to ensure success every time you practice and do them well.

The four exercises are all free weight lifting compound lifts that work multiple muscle groups at a time. Two of them are upper body movements. The other two are lower body exercises. Together, they pack the most powerful punch to the bodybuilding arsenal. These 4 lifts are squats, deadlifts, bench press, and pullups. They will help you gain muscle mass. The squat and deadlift are respectively, lower body quad-dominant and hip-dominant exercises. These 2 lifts work over 70% of the body’s total musculature. This includes the quadriceps, buttocks, hamstrings, grip, abdominal, and lower back.

The other two lifts are bench press and the pullup. They are upper body vertical pushing and pulling exercises that work the rest of the body’s musculature. They work the biceps, triceps, chest, and total back muscles. You can get a full body workout with just these 4 movements. Supplement these with additional isolation and accessory lifts like curls and raises for a full body workout that will build muscle and strength for years to come. Gain muscle today with proven exercises that work.

For more tips and methods on how to gain muscle mass, check out our nutrition and workout guides to build muscle.

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A Powerful Way of Building Muscle Mass

Have you ever really learned what it takes to make big gains and increase muscle mass? You’re training hard, working out 6 times a week and buying every supplement you hear about in the hopes of getting big. I wish it were that easy. To get the results you are looking for it will take a comprehensive plan of action and the right exercise program. To speed up your progress include the following three tips to help you to start building muscle mass.

Compound Exercises To Build Muscle Mass

Compound exercises are not optional when it comes to gaining muscle mass. There is no way around it compound exercises must be included in your workout routine. Forget what everybody has told you, compound exercises are the absolute best thing you can do to pack on the muscle. Dead lifts, squats and bench press have to be workout routine. You will make better gains in overall muscle mass by doing these compound exercises as opposed to isolation exercises. The reason for this is easy to understand, you are using more muscle groups to lift the weight and in turn will build more overall muscle fiber.

The Squat and Dead Lift

Squatting and Dead Lifts are the two big explosive exercises that are responsible for adding strength and building muscle mass. Consider these two primal exercises the kings of the jungle! Unless you include these exercises you can forget about getting big and ripped. Squats and Dead Lifts will workout about 75% of your entire body, which includes your back, chest, legs, calves, arms and most of your core abdominal muscles.

By doing squats and dead lifts you force your body to release greater amounts of growth hormone, which ultimately will result in larger muscles through out your whole body. The by product of this means more muscle mass because of the increase of weight you can use in your other lifts! If you are a hard gainer then squatting and dead lifts are especially critical because of the hormonal spikes, and the amount of muscles used in the lift which will affect your whole body.

Rest Less In between Sets: Your Gateway To Building Muscle Mass

The more you rest in between sets the more you lose the anabolic effect of the exercise you are doing. You will know you had enough rest when the lactic acid build up has started to reside and you are again able to perform your next lift without problems.

Can you think of a time in the past where you saw someone timing their rest periods in between sets? Stopwatches are not just for endurance athletes but should be used by every person who is serious about building big muscles.

Typically, the closer you lift to your one rep maximum the more the rest period and the higher the number of reps you complete, the shorter the rest period. This is overlooked or not known by many weight lifters and is critical in determining whether or not you create the optimum anabolic response in your body.

We are all aware that just going to the gym and doing some basic training isn’t going to build muscle mass. Maybe you include some protein shakes, get a shirt that is too small and “Viola” your massive. It doesn’t work that way.

Apply these three easy to use procedures and I guarantee that you will start gaining muscle mass, period!

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