3 Crucial Components of Building Muscle

Building muscle is a tough but simple process. The problem that most of you will find today is that there are hundreds and thousands of different supplements, programs, techniques and exercises being promoted as the “best”.    The truth of the matter is that there is no “Best” way to build muscle. Building muscle is a science, and there are certain things that are required in order for you to build muscle. Here are 3 major components that are necessary when trying to build muscle.  

Intensity is a very important component for building muscle. In order for muscles to grow they have to be pushed beyond what they are normally used to doing. When this happens they realize that they will have to grow in order to adapt to this new stress intensity. By increasing the intensity of your workout you will be pushing your muscles to grow bigger.  

Rest is actually a whole lot more important that many people give it credit for. Once you have worked out and you have worked your muscles into exhaustion your muscles will have developed thousands of microscopic tears. When these tears begin to heal they will fill in with new muscle tissue which adds size to your existing muscle tissue. The only problem is that your body can only really begin repairs on your muscles once you are at rest or asleep. If you do not give your body enough rest your muscle will never be able to repair and grow properly.  

Obviously here I am referring to nutrition. Nutrition is really one of the milestones of building muscle. The reason for this is that your muscles need different nutrients and minerals in order to repair and build muscles. If you are not supplying your muscles with the proper amounts of nutrients your muscles will not be able to repair themselves and grow bigger.

It is important to remember that building muscle is simply a process that is built on the science of our bodies. It is for this reason that you need to keep in mind that there is a lot of false and garbage muscle building information out there that has simply been created in order to sell different supplements, and other muscle building products. The truth is that you do not need supplements or any fancy products to build muscle. If you would like to learn more about building muscle without all the hype I would recommend getting a copy of the No Hype, No B.S Muscle Building Report. This report is very helpful and best of all is that you can now get a copy of it for Free Here.

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