3 Muscle Building Workouts That Suck

Being in shape can get expensive. You have to buy equipment, buy a gym membership, clothes, and special foods. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it suck if you spent all that money but did all the wrong exercises and did not get the results you were looking for? It sure would. There are some exercises out there that just aren’t good enough and here are a few…

The Smith-Machine Squat
When you do this exercise on this machine, the weight travels along a fixed vertical track. Because of this, your body cannot stabilize itself and gain a balance achieved through a normal environment. Too much of this can lead to your muscles being unbalanced. When you do a normal squat your abs try and balance out your body. Your abs are being worked out too. The Smith Machine does not allow your body to do this. You can still use the machine, but do it occasionally.

Leg Curl
This exercise works on your hamstring. This is the only exercise and the only environment where your hamstrings are being worked out alone, without the motion of other muscles. What does this lead to? Again, muscle imbalance! When you walk or do anything that is normal, your hamstrings are never in motion alone. There are always other muscles that are in conjunction with your hamstrings. This is why legs curls should never be done too often or you will be walking like a penguin.

Sit Ups In Order To Lose Belly Fat
Many people are falsely convinced that if they do enough sits ups, tummy tucks, ab workouts, and all of those other abdominal workouts they will lose “belly fat.” This is not true. Doing exercises like these will not help you lose belly fat. The only thing it will do is help tone up and increase the size of your abs. But they will “not” be visible because of the belly fat. In order to get rid of belly fat, you have to do full body workouts such as involving cardio. Running, squats, and jumping jacks are just a few. You must also eat healthy too.

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