5 Top Muscle Building Foods

When thinking about top muscle building foods, most people think that they have to eat as much as possible of big meals and without thinking about what they are eating, as long as they eat enough.

If you know just a little about diet you know that the above statement is not true. It is true that if we want to get bigger and build mass we need to eat more, but we need to eat the right top muscle building foods that will provide your body with the right nutrition that it can use to grow.

We need to eat several times a day, preferably around 6 meals and the size of the meals should depend on what your goal is, to gain mass or to lose weight.

Top muscle building foods

-1st top muscle building foods:
Eggs are among most people’s top muscle building foods and for good reasons; eggs contain a good amount of protein along with healthy fat. It is also easy for your body to break down eggs into amino acids.

-2nd top muscle building foods:
Salmon is great for building muscle as it is rich of protein and omega-3 fats. Omega 3 fats promotes muscle repair and controls your cortisol level, which will increase your testosterone level and ultimately build muscle.

-3rd top muscle building foods:
If your goal is to gain weight, but are a hard gainer then I will introduce whole milk as an option. Whole milk contains a great amount of proteins and fat. The fat found in whole milk has shown to help against muscle breakdown and unlike many other fat types; it has a lower chance of storing the fat as body fat.

Whole milk is especially on a lot of bulker’s top muscle building foods, but if you are on a diet, then you should rather go for other kind of milks in your top muscle building foods.

-4th top muscle building foods:
Yoghurt is in the top muscle building foods because it is a great source of protein and fat. Yoghurt used to have a lot of calories, but it is now possible to find great tasting yoghurt, with low calories and a lot of proteins and fat.

Another reason why yoghurt is on the top muscle building foods list is because of the so called “good” bacteria´s that it holds and good bacteria’s are essential to a healthy stomach.

-5th top muscle building foods:
Lean meat is on most people´s top muscle building foods list as it is rich in proteins and iron, which transport oxygen to every part of your cell and results in energy and is also great for memory.

Other top muscle building foods

Other worthy top muscle building foods are fish, chicken, nuts, cheese, spinach, beans, protein powder, bacon etc.

If you include the above 5 top muscle building foods, you will quickly start to see the results that you might have lacked and provide your body with essential nutrition’s that will help you in your daily life.

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