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How to Build Muscle: Proven Strength Lessons From Milo of Croton
Nearly 2,500 years ago, there was a man of incredible strength and athleticism roaming the hills of southern Italy. His name was Milo of Croton, and he was almost certainly the most successful wrestler of his day. Milo was a six-time wrestling champion …
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Muscle drug is new danger: Numbers injecting steroids more than double those
Seizures of steroids soared by 70% last year as gym-goers as young as 15 are using the potentially lethal muscle-building drug. The shocking stat comes amid warnings young Brits suffering from a form of “reverse anorexia” are taking huge doses.

Older adults can build more muscle by doubling protein intake
It is well known that consuming protein stimulates the body's cells to build protein. However, getting older combined with eating less protein can lead to a decline in the body's muscle-building efficiency. Maintaining and building muscle is especially …
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3 Natural muscle-building tips to replace steroids

3 Natural muscle-building tips to replace steroids
Anabolic steroid use in professional sports is illegal, not only for the unfair advantage competitors gain through unnatural muscle building, but because of the potential for serious health consequences resulting from use. Many athletes, particularly …
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The Science of Building Muscle: 2 Ways to Maximize Hypertrophy
During sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, the sarcoplasmic fluid volume increases, but the muscle fiber mass does not, essentially creating larger, less dense muscles. No actual muscle growth occurs and no strength is really gained, but the muscle itself …
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Muscle Building Plateau


Break Through Plateaus With Training – Part I

Whether the goal is to build muscle, strength, or to lose fat, plateaus (meaning that your gains have stopped) affect almost everyone.  However, if you know a few simple ways to vary your workouts, you can make progress a constant theme in your fitness program.  I’m going to give you a brief guide in busting through a few common fitness problems.

You’ve stopped gaining muscle or strength.

Usually, beginning weightlifters see fast gains when they first begin to train, but after they’ve done a weight lifting routine for a while, their muscles become accustomed to the exertion accompanied with that routine.  So, it’s important to mix it up.  I’ll share a couple of proven ways to reignite those gains.

Vary your rep range.

One way to accomplish this is to vary your rep range—the number of repetitions you complete (and how many sets you use) for each exercise.  When you switch up the number of sets and reps you’re doing, you shock your muscles into working harder, even though you may be doing the same number of total repetitions.

Let’s say you’ve stopped seeing muscle gains in your chest.  If you have always performed 3 sets of 10 repetitions on Bench Press, try doing 5 sets of 6 repetitions for a workout, with heavier weight.  The benefit of this is that it allows you to use a greater load, which is the amount of weight you’re lifting, while still completing the same number of total reps. A general rule in weightlifting is that 4-6 reps is optimal for strength gains, 7-10 reps is optimal for size gains, and 10-15 reps is optimal for muscle endurance gains.

Also, note that sets and reps should be inversely related.  So, if you’re doing a set of 5 reps, you should do 3-5 sets, while a set of 15 reps may only require 1-2 sets.

Change the types of exercises you’re performing.

If varying rep range isn’t your problem, maybe your muscles are too adept at performing the types of exercises you’ve been choosing.  Our bodies are extremely efficient when it comes to adapting to a stimulus when the conditions are right, and this might be what’s stopping you from continued gains.

For example, let’s assume you only do Leg Press to work your lower body.  Eventually, your body will become used to performing the same type of movement, so you can change to the basic Barbell Squat to work your legs in a different way.  Even though it’s a similar movement, the weight being distributed at a different angle can spark new gains.

If you’ve stopped seeing muscle gains, these two methods are great ways to bust through a plateau.  I recommend both varying rep range and switching out exercises to ensure that you see continued muscle growth in your weight-training program, if that’s your goal.


Eric Flores is a college student who has achieved physical fitness and wants to share his knowledge of training and nutrition with others. Through years of trial and error, Eric Flores has become proficient in designing exercise and nutrition programs for all fitness goals; functional or aesthetic.

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Building Muscle Tone

All of us want to look healthy and a very important element of this appearance is a muscular and well defined body. Some of us fail to realize that building muscle definition is not really difficult, and all that is needed is some effort. All you have to do is figure out the appropriate work outs to stimulate the cardiovascular system supplemented by proper diet and plenty of rest. This will not just improve the look of your muscle tissue but also provide you with a great deal of energy and confidence. As with any system of training, you should be familiar with what to do and what not to do however, once you get a system down, the results will surely follow.

The first requisite of improving muscle tone is to exercise often and efficiently. Devoid of physical activity, muscles do not get a workout and there is no question of building muscle definition. If you wish to build this tone quickly, the only way to do so is to go to the gym on a regular basis and weight train. Weights increase your overall muscle tone quickly and also have the advantage that you can concentrate on particular areas of the body. In addition, you will have to regularly undertake physical activities such as running, speed walking, cycling or playing a sport like tennis.

The routine of exercise that you follow is essential and, if you are short on time, you should try and work out two different groups of muscles simultaneously. You should also try and rotate these different muscle groups on a normal basis so that every group gets the best workout. If you are using the gym, keep in mind that heavy weights are only needed if you want to add muscle mass. If you are looking to just tone your muscles, then lifting lighter weights at an increased frequency will be most beneficial.

The significance of proper diet and rest can’t be over exaggerated. Concentrate how much protein you consume and decrease the fats that you consume by eating more white protein or lean protein. Supplement your protein intake with protein shakes especially after a workout. Drink lots of water and unsweetened fruit juice. Also don’t forget to get enough rest because the body must recover or else you will feel constantly fatigued.

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More Muscle Building Articles

Muscle Building

To begin with, that the traditional three meals a day with the inevitable snacking in between gives somewhere in 2000-2500 calories. Almost no one “weak hearted” lover, sitting on such a diet is not able to build a decent mass. So, if you train exactly in line with my requirements, good sleep, live stress free and yet not growing, you do not have enough calories. That’s all.

In order for your muscle mass has gone into growth, you need to eat more. But before you take the start in this business, you need to understand the following three parameters diet.

So the first thing.
You should eat foods rich in nutrients. If you thought I said banal stupidity, then you simply do not understand me. The dishes, which we are accustomed to eat, it is “weak” in terms of usefulness. Take those same soups. The concentration of amino acids in the broth is minimal, well boiled pieces of vegetables and do useless. How many have to eat the soup, to extract from him anything for muscle growth? Already, at least, not one dish or even two. Or another example: a burger. When frying it abundantly impregnated with fat. Fat is known to be the most energy-intensive products. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, but carbohydrates and proteins – only 4. For this reason, even a small but thick steak will leave you feeling pleasant satiety. You’d think that ate a five-plus, but actually uploaded a stupid “fat” calories, whereas you need calories from protein and carbohydrates. Do you understand? Need products that are useful to you as a bodybuilder: a piece of lean beef grilled, boiled chicken, protein enriched pasta, brown rice, wholemeal bread, svezheotzhatye juices, salads, fresh fruit, nuts.
You must know your basic level of energy consumption (BU). Briefly explain what it is. It is about the amount of energy that is needed for your body to the heart beating, lungs breathing, worked as the liver and muscles, etc. The growth we are now and do not stutter – it’s completely different matter. So, you need to know exactly how many calories your body need to live (and not build muscle). In practice, this is what usually happens. Amateur reproduces itself in the hall, but eats very scant and incomplete. His muscles need energy for growth, but the organism is, of course, received no “calories from those that are needed for normal functioning of the internal organs. Here’s a simple secret to failure. So that the muscles grow, you need energy “surplus” in excess of the basic energy requirements. But how to define it, if you do not know your rig? In fact, there are formulas for calculating the ECU at the rate of weight gain, exercise, etc. However, these formulas give a very approximate result. Well, from my own experience I know that the issue of calories should be extremely accurate. In addition, each of us unique. Variability of the huge, so I advise you to leave the formula poboku and walk another way. Within three weeks should count on a conductor of the food calories (assuming that your weight remains constant). And then you can easily compute srednearifmetichesky indicator of daily energy requirements. This will be your ECU. I stress that it is yours, and not derived through a strange formula. I think, further logic steps you will understand. If you eat just enough calories, your weight remains stable. If more – is growing. Less – you lose weight.

You have to train properly. In this case it means – with a sufficient interval of rest between workouts. If the holiday you will not be enough, then begin to accumulate fatigue. Well, in a state of chronic fatigue a person loses weight, no matter how much eaten. So what happens, you are a fool. Begin to increase caloric intake, and impact as there was no, or not. And now, the specific steps. Add exactly 100 calories to your baseline energy level and 2-3 weeks stand in front of a mirror and examine yourself critically – not whether the increased amount of subcutaneous fat. If fat is not increased, add another 100 calories and there could look in the mirror almost every day. Continue to add the calories every week until they find a slight increase in Zhirkov. All stop! Bid up more calories is not necessary. From now on, the scales begin to show steady addition of your weight. Stay at this level of calories as much as will grow heavy. When the weight gain stops, you need to analyze your training, suddenly stopping the growth caused by overtraining? The more so for a period of weight gain you will become stronger and seriously increased workloads. If everything is in order, increase the daily caloric another 100-200 calories.

“Why is not the hurry? Again, for the reason that we are all different. Easy to say, eat up to 4000 calories a day and the muscles, like Dorian Yatsa, in your pocket. Someone’s stomach learns these most calories and, as they say, do not frown. Well, someone “picks” his digestion, and for one month, so much so that it will take care physicians. Someone’s body is able to convert the extra calories into muscle, but someone such a diet for a couple of months easily turn into a dimensionless overweight. In short, then extreme caution is needed, each of us has a genetic ceiling in the assimilation of calories. Hasty steps, and even contrary to nature, will not lead to anything good.

A gradual increase in calories will help your digestion to adjust to overwork the “extra” calories for him. In addition, you will know exactly how much food you can eat, do not get fat. The latter is especially important for an amateur. Traced the muscles and do not let these large volumes, look much more impressive than the bloated fat.

Efficiency of digestion is largely dependent on the nature of food. In principle, solid food is digested is worse than a liquid or semi-liquid. So that the more carefully you chew, the better. However, over the years of sedentary work all the muscle tissue, including stomach, lose their contractile ability. As a result, formally healthy stomach is working a lot worse. You should bear this in mind when you start to eat more. There is a reason to “assist” the stomach, taking food in a liquid or semi-liquid form – mashed, liquid, cereals, etc.

And yet. You must understand that to sit on high-calorie diet can be only during periods of intense training. Otherwise, the excess calories postponed under your skin. At the beginning of each training cycle should reduce some of the daily caloric content, because at this stage, the muscles do not grow, and therefore not in need of supplementary feeding. With increasing intensity of workouts daily calorie intake, it is understandable, it is necessary to increase.

Can I build muscle and get rid of fat?
The growth of muscle tissue in a scientific way is called anabolism. And “burning” of fat – is, on the contrary, the destruction of body tissues, in this case – the fat. And it is called catabolism. Both these states are complete opposites of each other. And in one organism are incompatible. This is the answer to the question. In other words, your body may be either in a state of anabolism or catabolism. Or do you lose weight, or dial muscle. No middle ground. True, exceptions are possible – with the help of Pharmacology.

In connection with this should give an explanation for beginners, amateurs, inscribed in the gym to lose weight. When you start to swing, it would indicate a transfer of the organism into a state of anabolism, ie, growth. This, in turn, means that growth will begin to anything that can grow. Will grow muscle, but at the same time will increase and the thickness of fat tissue. There’s no escape. So instead of losing weight you get even more fat.

In ancient times, bullies do not really bother the accumulation of body fat while building muscle. Like, when you eat to satiety, like it or not you start gorging. Important – is to start the process of muscle growth, and the fat, we then we will manage somehow.

Many “stars” of the 60’s in the offseason swelled to the size of the elephant, sometimes picking up to 50 pounds overweight. After that, they rushed to the other extreme – the transition from “obzhiralovki” on meat and water. And indeed rounded up a huge amount of fat. Clearly, this is costly to their health.

Today in bodybuilding on this other strategy. If you see that in the period set mass you have touched with increasing body fat, go for a few months to a program sgonke subcutaneous fat to the level of 12% (not more!). Then again, return to building muscle. But it is slightly cut daily calories to fat under the skin accumulates more slowly than in the past cycle. After earning a 15% fat, once again interrupt the cycle of “weight loss” and again surges fat to 10-12%.

With this approach, work on the “relief” does not entail the destruction of the muscles. In fact, get rid of 3% of excess body fat – it’s nothing that does not require any wear aerobic loads, no specific victims in terms of diet. From each new cycle “with a lot of” you’ll leave with tangible allowance (it will not destroy the aerobics). And yet, at 10-12% body fat you will look quite decent. Of course, not as a pro on the catwalk, but the “cubes” will look through the press quite clearly.

Initially, the maintenance of such impressive form (if you’re interested in it) will give you hard, but with each new cycle of experience will be more and more, so as to facilitate cycles. The case is over the fact that you’re going to do on the machine.

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