Bobby Womack: The Preacher 5x CD box set

Bobby Womack: The Preacher 5x CD box set
In the 1980s, Womack's The Poet trilogy established him as one of the finest R&B singer-songwriters of the era, even if personal demons were to beset him. In recent years, Womack restored much of his critical standing via work with The Gorillaz …
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Wanted: Mediapersons, Islamic Teachers And Bomb Experts To Fill 10 ISIS Job
The last of the 10 jobs on the list is fitness trainers who make jihadists do "sit ups, jogs, sprints, muscle building". Al-Britani wrote: "Some brothers come in with a lot of extra 'barakah' on them which needs to be burnt off, likewise some training …
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Protein-rich sports drink developed at Center for Food Innovation
A requirement that no recovery agent administered by a school be deemed a “muscle building” agent meant that a certain carbohydrate-protein ratio had to be met, with the amount of protein constituting less than 30 percent of the entire beverage. “We …
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