No Nonsense Muscle Mass Building Review

Vince Delmont’s strategy, No Nonsense Muscle mass building, is directed at the “hard-gainers” on the planet, all those individuals who can not seem to develop any muscle mass regardless how hard they try. These people pump iron, take health supplements and eat high protein meals, but still they remain thin.

This was Vince’s history. Like several other painfully thin individuals, Vince was pushed to succeed in building his body. In doing so, he stumbled over a “secret” approach to build his own body and has developed that into a course to help others.

Hey, Vince isn’t being altruistic . . . he’s selling the training course. But according to many expert evaluators, Vince’s package is worth the investment – several times over.

Though he doesn’t specifically say so in his promotional material, his system is wonderful for “fatties” who have trouble gaining muscle and also the “skinnies.” With the No Nonsense Bodybuilding book and course, individuals of any size, shape, gender and physical proclivity will benefit from Vince’s advice and training.

As stated in his material, this strategy might not be for the hardcore bodybuilder who loves spending countless hours during a workout session pumping iron. For these gym-rats or muscleheads, the gym scene is a lifestyle. Individuals attracted to Vince’s programs are regular folks like us.

The No Nonsense Muscle mass building course is for busy folks who cannot afford to spend more than three hours a week during a workout session. Vince maintains that three hours is all you want to build your body into the one you want.

In fact, says Vince, overtraining is a problem that can prevent you from building muscle. Too much pumping iron and cardio are counter-productive. Vince isn’t on your own who has uttered this truism. His contention is supported by many coaches and trainers.

Vince Delmont’s material is supported by scientific documentation of the effectiveness of concentrated, focused training techniques. Numerous his adherents have presented documented, quantitative evidence of their success using his training course.

Mr. Delmont eschews the usage of any chemical performance enhancers like anabolic steroids, hgh and other testosterone boosters. He says that numerous individuals don’t respond to these drugs and those who do have only temporary success with muscle building.

Vince’s strategy is drug and supplement free. It is strictly about his exercise system and eating too much natural foods . . . nothing you will note advertised in a “muscle-magazine”. He points out that most muscle-mags are owned by supplement companies who use them as a platform to promote their own bodybuilding products.

Delmont points out that the glowing reviews of health supplements by famous bodybuilding figures are paid advertisements, not unbiased, impartial commentaries on product quality and performance.

On the whole, Vince Delmont’s No Nonsense Muscle Building is a superb course for Mr. and Mrs. Everyman, individuals who would like to improve their bodies without a massive investment in gym-time, protein powders and chemical supplements and vitamins and other health-food products.

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Building Lean Muscle Means a Good Diet

Two of the most interesting and frustrating statements that people make are, “I just want to tone my arms,” or “I just want to lose a little fat around my stomach/legs/butt/whatever.”  Or this one, “I don’t want to get bulky, I just want some lean muscle.”

The simple truth is that all three statements are false, to be charitable – or delusional, to be a little harsh.  Let’s not be harsh, let’s say that these folks are just misinformed.  There is no such thing as toning (what is toning?).  There is no spot reduction.  Tom Venuto has a great article about doing 1000 sit-ups a day.  And if getting bulky were easy, we’d all be extra-large.

But building that lean muscle, there’s something we can talk about. 

Weightlifting, strength training, bodybuilding all do one thing and that is make you stronger.  Along the way, as a  byproduct of getting stronger, the muscles will grow.  A small percentage, maybe 10% of men and 1% of women will get big, as in bodybuilding big.  The rest of us will get some size, bigger than your average bear, but by no means a grizzly.

So, as you lift and challenge yourself at every workout, your muscles will get stronger and a little bigger.  The visual effect will be a hard muscle.  When people feel you, you will seem less like a marshmallow and more like a size of beef.  That’s good.

And it’s all lean muscle – good right.

So, why do some look – well – bulky? Where’s the muscle definition?  And you said that getting bulky was a myth!

Well, here’s the thing, exercises make your muscles stronger and leaner.  Dieting strips the fat from your body and shows it off.  In fact, dieting is really what makes your muscles stronger and leaner.

Exercises tear down your muscles and dieting builds it up. Simple, I understand; nevertheless, it is fundamental to building a leaner, meaner (in a good way) you.  The two go hand in hand.

You cannot simply set a goal of building a leaner, muscular you without having a clean balanced diet to furnish all the nutrients.  Larry Scott used to say that nutrition was 80% of bodybuilding. 

If all you did was push-ups, pull-ups, dips, one legged squats, deep knee bends, crunches, and reverse crunches; you would do great, so long as your diet was good.

In fact, a good diet is your insurance policy.  Whereas, you could have the greatest workouts in the world, but if you dieting is terrible and lazy; then you will have no progress.  Clean balanced diet is the key to building a lean, muscular body.

A good diet doesn’t need Hoodia or apple vinegar cider whatever.  A good diet consists of plenty of water, lots of veggies and fruits, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and balanced sources of protein.  It does not include high fructose corn syrup, processed sugars, alcohol, white bread, and fast foods or Ho-ho’s.  Okay, I’ll fight you on Ho-ho’s.

So, the equation for building lean muscle is the same as getting stronger:  training to maximum effort plus good diet plus lots of rest equal great, strong body.  Can’t beat that.

Get healthier, stronger, and build muscle with free info/advice at  Loaded with free workout routines and advice from the best minds in the business, this is where you need to go for commonsense, straight shooting info.  While you’re at it, look at what Bodylastics has done for Hyo.

Muscle Building 101 – Be Triumphant


Natural bodybuilding and in many cases simply showing up in the gym usually are frightening for any newbie. Offered beneath are selected tips and hints that may show you how to to jump in body building, in addition to into your main gym:


Ask for Advice – There is no logic attempting to learn everything yourself when just starting in Bodybuilding. Get time to talk to others who’re more established, and study what it is possible to from them. When using brand new fitness equiptment or an innovative workout additionally it is always recommended to speak with someone, to make sure that you don’t get injured.

Sleep – When you are strength training for the very first stage it is important to make certain that one’s body is getting the rest that it needs. It will ordinarily be in excess of what you’re taking previous to!

Eating plan – Just as essential as snooze time. It is imperative to ensure that your diet is as important to you as with your workout. This isn’t just eating additional, it means consuming healthier. Think of one’s body as an vehicle. The harder you maneuver a automobile, the more fuel you’ll want to plunk into it. You’ll need to ensure that you will be putting the best gas inside your auto also, to ensure that it can drive constantly in addition to perform to specification.  Check out for more details.

Establish Your desired goals – Establish objectives which have been attainable. Out of grasp goals simply set yourself up for disappointment. Take it one step at a time, and revel in/celebrate your achievement the whole way up every rung of the ladder. No matter if it’s an added ten pounds to the good ol’ deadlift or simply making it to the fitness center 3 days weekly, it’s essential to set targets, or else it is possible for your fitness workout to get dismissed as soon as life gets eventful.

Envision Success – It’s crucial that you observe yourself succeeding prior to you ever start strength training. This triumphant mind set will take you to further levels in your exercise and can set yourself up for success!

Be smart about coming into bodybuilding to ensure that you may get success both mentally in addition to physically.

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Workout Tips For Building Muscle Fast

A sad fact – most people you see at your gym will never increase muscle size. They are deceiving themselves if they think all they need to do is to exercise till they feel “the pump”. They will never build muscle fast.

All the research and experts agree you must progressively lift heavier and heavier weights with good form for building muscle fast. If you find you can’t increase the weight on a week by week basis or your body stops responding then change the exercises for that muscle group for a month or two.

The other big mistake people make is to train their stronger parts. This results in imbalance and possible injuries. Work more on your weak areas – your physique will look better as well.

Here are some exercises you should include in your exercise plan in order to build muscle fast.

Building Back Muscles

Your Lats. give you the cool looking v-shape back. Beginners should start with lat pull-downs and seated pulley rows. Leading to overhand grip pull-ups and bent-over cable rows.

Building Leg Muscles

A lot of guys don’t work their legs out enough. You must have a solid foundation even for the big muscle up top. Beginners should start with the leg press machine and leg curl machine leading into barbell squats, lunges and dead-lifts.

Building Chest Muscles

Research has shown that “flies” will build chest muscle faster than any other exercise, even faster than the staple bench press. The reason is that “flies” isolate the pectoral muscles. Suggested exercises included Pec-deck, cross over cable and flat dumbbell flies at multi-angles (incline & decline)

Building Arm Muscles Fast

Good form is important when building arm muscles. I am sure you have seen guys in the gym using more of their back that their arms when doing barbell biceps curls. Start with bicep curls and triceps pull-downs, move into dumbbell curls and French over head presses. When you stop advancing move onto preacher curls and seated dumbbell curls at various incline levels. Perform close-grip bench press (for the triceps).

Building Shoulder Muscles

Our shoulder muscles have an enormous range of motion as a result the underlying structure is very delicate and open to injury such as tears and joint problems. Always consider safety over strength. As a beginner start with cable upright pulls and the shoulder press machine, build up into barbell and dumbbell seated presses and lateral raises. Take care with lateral raises – start with light weights to warm up.

Building Abdominal Muscles Fast

You may be surprised but it’s a fact that we all have fantastic abdominal muscles – they are just covered by layers of fat. So the only way ever to see them is to do aerobic exercise and watch your calorie intake. Abdominals are very important in getting your center of balance and when lifting weight they are your core. To build definition use crunches, supermans and pelvic tilts.

Well I hope that has given you some ideas on some exercises to shock those muscles into submission. Include the previous exercises in your muscle training routine and you will soon be building muscle fast.

Dan Sheehan is a middle-aged hard-gainer who was once very much over weight and struggling to gain muscle mass. Lots of research and hours at the gym let him to discover some of the secrets for building muscle fast. You can discover even more secrets at

Little Known Muscle Building Information

Marketing hype makes muscle building information a commodity. Rather than to simply inform, available resources and information is twisted and manipulated at will to sell. What is in this scenario? Sales pitch will steer you away from the most important things you should know about muscle building.

There are three simple things you need to know about muscle building: proper nutrition, effective training and timely intervals of rest. Remove the hype and everything that makes up the majority of information available and you are left with these three.

Proper nutrition allows the body to grow in the midst of our training. During training while we are lifting weights and putting our body to constant stress in specific repetitions and / or duration, we are urging our body to build more muscles convincing it that we need to do so. But at the same time, we need to let our body believe that it has what it takes to have these muscles up and running. We do this by eating right and being focused in eating food that matters. Not only we have to “trick” our body in these two separate directions, we must also give it time to respond properly. And we do this by resting. Only when the body is not doing anything that it begins to repair damaged and worn muscles during training, in the process building it up and increasing its strength and volume.

Proper diet boils down to food we should and should not eat. Junk foods, candies and soda drinks should have no place in our daily intake. We could not get wrong with green leafy vegetables and fruits. Get rid of the skin and layers of fat in meat. We want to gain muscles (and weight) but not get fat and heavy.

We need to get more of compound exercises that works more than one muscle group. We could never get wrong with squats, bench press and military press.

And we need to take a break. Muscles grow when we rest and not when we are sweating it out at the gym.

Muscle building information is openly available. But hunt down those that matters, and not those that merely sells.

Visit my website at and learn why is everything that you have been told about building muscles is wrong. With the right muscle building plans and special little known techniques that will transform your metabolism into hyper drive and you can get big muscles in a few short weeks.

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Muscle Building – You and Your Body

Muscle Building is having to know your body and how it reacts to various training and nutrition practices. Unless you have finely perfected your natural training ability, it will take countless weeks or even months to evaluate each training routine and its effectiveness. It definitely pays to master the Weider spontaneous training principle, “the key to building up massive, strong muscles is to doggedly increase the training weights you use”.  However,   it is only good to increase training poundage if you do so in perfect form otherwise your body could literally look uneven.

In that respect there is a particular coefficient of correlation between the amount of weight you use with complete biomechanics in an exercise and the mass of muscles that move that weight.  Once I reached the higher level of Bodybuilding and began entering contests, I identified that I rapidly became exhausted with a set training program.

I began to use the Weider muscle confusion principle, varying to a new and more difficult routine every time I came into the gymnasium to push a particular body part. Since supersets form a big jump in training intensity,  I forever tell bodybuilders new to the Weider supersets conditioning rationales to try out with supersets, compounding movements for the biceps and triceps, or forearm flexor muscles and forearm extensor muscles.

Muscle Building is also a reliant on your nutrition intake. A bodybuilder’s food intake and nutrition is no different from the average athlete’s diet. A natural healthy diet consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables, addition in protein (like lean meat, chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products and egg whites), reduction in salt and sugar intake and plenty of water.

However, certain modifications do take place when it comes to the quantity and meal timing. For example, a Bodybuilding schedule that demands a high intensity/short rest period of time workout calls for an enhanced intake of protein and carbohydrates to sufficiently deliver the essential energy required for the workout.

On cycles when there are greater rest periods in between workouts or when there is a reduction in the number of reps or sets to be complete, then the dietary requirement is reduced too. If you’re looking to build lean muscle mass while throwing off the pounds, there are natural supplements that can help.

So what is the best way to build muscle quickly and naturally?
We take a look at this and much much more at

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Building Muscle – Beginners Information

Building muscle is probably the most effective and efficient way to lose weight, stay in shape and enjoy fitness. The reason why is because muscle tissue needs to be fed, it needs to be nourished. As a consequence it increases your metabolism enabling your body to literally devour everything you eat. Imagine muscle tissue as a voracious appetite consuming everything your body needs. Muscle tissue works even while you are not. For example, although a bit extreme, picture this scenario: two friends watching the Super Bowl; one of them is in great shape, he has developed a strong, healthy, muscular frame and is eating a bag of potato chips. The other guy carries his fair share of extra weight–and then some–and is walking around the room while the two are watching the game. The difference? The guy on the couch, eating the bag of potato chips, is burning more calories than his friend! Why? Because his muscles are devouring the energy stored in his fat cells! Sounds incredible? There is more truth to it than you think.

So, how do you build muscle? Building typically involves weight training. The goal of weight training is to lift as much weight close to your maximum limit as many times as possible. Pushing the muscles past their limits causes them to adapt and grow. The key is to increase the weight over time and induce hypertrophy, or in other words, “build muscle.”

When you lift weights or do any kind of anaerobic exercise, your body naturally releases endorphins, which gives you a little “high.” Every single person I have ever trained with says the same thing: the euphoric feeling they get after a workout makes them feel so good it is addicting. You will find that it leaves such a pleasurable sensation mentally and physically that you will actually CRAVE a good workout.

A note or word of caution is in order here: If you are new to weightlifting you need to remember that starting out fresh will leave your very sore at first. This is normal, your body and muscles are not use to this new discipline and requirement. However, after a brief time, your body adapts quickly and the soreness associated with workouts disappears. In fact, you soon won’t experience soreness at all, instead you will feel confidence, determination, and a feeling of “can do” in about everything you attempt. Exercise is such a wonder.

So, how long until you begin to see a difference? You can literally see a difference in as little as two weeks; a significant difference in your appearance and mental attitude in as little as six weeks; and a MAJOR difference overall in as little as twelve weeks. Keep at it for three or four months and you will be well on your way to a completely different life.

What are you waiting for?! A whole new life is waiting for you.

David H. Bean

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How to Develop Muscle Building Routines

In this article I want to show you what you should consider if you want to develop a new muscle building routine.  Whether you are looking to increase your muscle size, tone your muscles and lose unwanted body fat, or increase your strength, there are different ways to develop your training so that you are training for that exact goal.

The main things that you will need to consider are:

Reps, sets, and rest
Correct form
Range of motion
Isolation & Muscle focus

This may sound like a lot of things, but let me lead you through them and you will begin to realise how important they are, and the benefit you will get with a properly prepared routine.


This is basically the main goal you have for developing your new muscle building routine.  The three most common are those mentioned above, namely Muscle Gain, Increased Strength, and Tone and Body-fat Loss.

Reps, Sets, and Rest:

This will alter depending on your Purpose and are as follows:

Muscle building routines will generally comprise of 3 sets, 8-10 reps, 3-4 exercises per body part, with 1 minute rest between exercises.

Fat loss and toning routines comprise 2 sets, 10-12 reps, 1-2 exercises per body part, with a 30 sec rest between exercises.

Strength routines comprise 3-6 sets, 2-5 reps, 2-3 exercises per body part, with a 2-3 minute rest between exercises.


Again the intensity will change, depending on your purpose and are as follows:

On a muscle building routine, you should feel that the highest rep on the rep range is the absolutely last rep that you can achieve with correct form.

On a fat loss and toning routine, you should feel that you can achieve one or two reps more than the highest rep in the rep range.

On a strength routine, you should feel, the same as with muscle gain, that the highest rep range is absolutely the last rep that you can achieve with correct form.


The speed that your exercises should be completed at are:

Muscle building routines should be completed at a moderate speed, such as 2 secs on the positive movement (Raising the weight), and 2 secs on the negative movement (Lowering the weight).

Fat loss and toning routines should be completed at a faster speed, such as 1 sec on positive, and 1 sec on negative.

Strength routines should be completed at a mixed speed of 1 sec on positive, and 3 secs on negative.


The sequence should be largest muscle first, for any of the above purposes, so would be:

Upper: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps.

Lower: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs.


This can vary depending on the split that is used and again, the purpose of your routine, so:

Muscle building routines will be 4-5 days, depending on split, which could be.

Monday: Chest/Biceps, or Chest

Tuesday: Legs, or Back

Wednesday: Back/Triceps, or Rest

Thursday: Rest, or Legs

Friday: Shoulders/Abs, or Shoulders/Abs

Saturday: Rest, or Triceps/Biceps

Sunday: Rest, or Rest

Fat loss and Toning routines should be done 3 days per week, with a one day break between.

Strength routines should be done 6 days per week, working individual bodyparts per day.

Correct form:

During every exercise, your form must be spot on for each rep.  Not only does this add to the intensity of the workout and make sure you are not ‘cheating’, it also makes sure that you are using your core muscles effectively, and supports your posture throughout.  This will in turn lead to less possibility of injury or back pain, caused by too much pressure on your body when it is in a misaligned posture.  When starting a new muscle building routine, you should carefully watch yourself in the mirror to ensure you are using correct form.

Range of motion:

Range of motion is also important throughout all exercises to ensure that you are overloading the muscle at all possible angles. You should never fully lock out a joint in a forced, or ‘snapping’ motion. All extensions should be done controlled, and slowly.

Isolation & Muscle focus:

It is important to isolate the muscles that you are using by focusing on them during each exercise. If you are simply going through the motion of the exercise, you will not get the full benefit as the muscle will not be contracting to its fullest.

You should really get in tune with your body as you learn the exercises and concentrate on the muscles as you perform each movement. You can try this without even using weights. If you think about the motion of a bicep curl, try it out and feel the difference when you just go through the motion, and when you really focus and contract the muscle throughout.

When you focus the muscle, you naturally do the motion slower, you feel the peak contraction at the top point of the movement, and there is an intense squeeze right throughout the motion. All of these things are going to increase the intensity, and therefore increase the growth of your muscles.

For more information on a new muscle building routine, like none you have tried before, just follow the links below!

There are many Muscle Gain programs available, both online and offline, so I have recently decided to take the knowledge I have obtained in the last 9 years in Personal Training and put it to good use on the World Wide Web. I have looked through a number of online programs and want to point you towards, what i consider, the best in Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, and Abs training.

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Nutrition Building Muscle Mass – Part 3

Parts 1 & 2 of this series covered ten significant and critical aspects of nutrition building muscle mass. In this part 3 article I will expand on a few of those tips and offer additional suggestions to help you achieve the physique that you desire.

Here are 5 more additional suggestions that you can utilize in your nutritional plan to augment your bodybuilding workouts. These include good fats, cycling protein, creatine, cortisol and overeating.

1. Good fats: As we discussed in a previous article fat is a critical component to your nutritional intake. Consuming fat won’t necessarily make you “fat”. Our bodies require a certain amount of good fats to function and grow properly. Healthy fats will help promote testosterone production. It is recommended that you eat 6 to 8 ounces of lean red meat each day. Also consuming salmon or fish oil capsules is recommended as well to ensure that you are getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids. These will help fight muscle inflammation and encourage glycogen storing.

2. Cycling protein: As suggested it is recommended that you consume 1 gram of protein per bodyweight. This is a general recommendation and of course may have to be adjusted depending on your body type, your metabolism and whether or not you are achieving the results you desire. To help enhance protein synthesis it is recommended or suggested that you cycle your protein once every two weeks or so. This can be done by dropping your protein intake to about 0.7 grams for 2 or 3 days and then increase protein intake up to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight for the next 2 or 3 days. After that you can resume the normal 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day. This will lead to increased protein generation.

3. Creatine: This is one of the more well-known amino acids in the body and it acts as an energy source by helping to replenish our systems ATP supply. ATP is the basic energy component for muscular contraction. So creatine will help increase strength and improve the quality of muscle contraction in addition to supporting protein regeneration. Any serious bodybuilder should be supplementing their workouts with creatine on a daily basis. Their are several suggestions as to how take and how much you should consume but the general recommendation is 5 grams prior to and after training. This will help result in increased strength in addition to increased muscle mass.

4. Cortisol: The normal process in working out will cause muscles to become inflamed as cortisol levels increase in our systems. There is some research to suggest that if you can control excess buildup of cortisol you may promote better recovery. In addition glycogen formation will improve and testosterone levels will become more stable. You can help control the cortisol elevation in your system by taking supplements such as vitamin C, glutamine and phosphatidylserine.

5. Overeating: Most of us when we are implementing a sound nutritional plan to augment our bodybuilding workouts will attempt not to overeat for fear of gaining unnecessary fat or weight. But if you increase your calories every two weeks or so for 1 or 2 meals what will actually happen this will force your body to increase production of certain growth hormones which can convert those added calories and increased protein into muscle. So if you are consuming meals that consist of 40 grams of protein, 50 to 70 grams of carbs with the remaining balance of fats try increasing your meals to 60 to 70 grams of protein, 100 to 125 grams of carbs and even more dietary fat.

As you can see in this article it is important to supplement your diet with the appropriate combination of macronutrients and amino acids. If you would like to learn more about supplementation as well as gaining access to a system that will promote lean muscle mass while burning bodyfat please visit our website by clicking here now: Muscle Building Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition For Muscle Building

Everyone lifting weights in the gym has a different idea of what they want to achieve so what is the optimum nutrition required for each and every method of training people carry out?

This is a question that plagues every gym going individual, just how many calories do they need and how much protein is required? Well today you will get the answers as we tell you just what the optimum nutrition is for everyone no matter what they want to achieve.

Calorie Intake

So the first part of talking about the optimum nutrition requirements is daily calorie intake. Interestingly there is a simple yet effective formula for this, which is surprising given many people do not know how many calories their body requires.

The daily calorie intake for those visiting the gym differs for three reasons. One of these reasons is that the individual wishes to bulk up with muscle, one is that the individual wishes to stay the same weight as they are. The final reason is that the individual wishes to lose weight and cut up for definition.

Bulking up

For bulking up with muscle the formula is to take an individuals weight in pounds and times this by eighteen to get the required daily calorie intake.

Maintaining weight

For maintaining weight the formula is to take the individuals weight in pounds and times this by fourteen for the required calories.

Lose weight and cut up

For losing weight and cutting up for definition the formula is to take the individuals weight in pounds and times this by twelve and you get the daily required calories for this.


Bulking up – 210lbs x 18 = 3780 calories per day
Maintaining weight – 210lbs x 14 = 2940 calories per day
Losing weight/cut up – 210lbs x 12 = 2520 calories per day

The second function for understanding the optimum nutrition requirements is the required protein intake.

Protein Intake

Without a good level of protein intake your body will not be able to give you the strength required to endure heavy weight training sessions and will not be able to promote muscle growth and recovery.

Protein intake requirements run off another simple formula, this is to take in 0.75 grams to 1 gram of protein for every pound a person weighs. This formula doesn’t change no matter what your goals are. This means that a man of 210 pounds in weight requires 157.5 to 210 grams of protein per day for optimal muscle building.


Good fats, that’s Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated fat (collectively called Trans fats), are very important to anyone wishing to lift weights in the gym. Many people neglect fats in their diet as they think they are not good for them but this could not be further from the truth.

Good fats carry out many important functions in the body yet the body cannot create this itself so they all have to be derived from our diet.


As you can see its actually very easy to understand your bodies requirements to get the most out of your weightlifting no matter what you wish to achieve. If you use the above as a guideline to your optimum nutrition then you are sure to achieve your goals. – Making sure you get the best and latest info to ensure you stay lean or get mean.
Try Optimum Nutrition Supplements to help you out on your quest.