Revealed Muscle Building Routines For Faster Muscle Building

When it comes to muscle building, muscle building routines are really important for your faster progress and bigger muscles in less time. But before you follow this very basic routines advices you need to know something about nutrition.

Why? Because in bodybuilding sport nutrition is more important than workout. Usually during workout you burn your muscles, you hurt them and during the rest day if you have ideal nutrition you feed them to grow. Nutrition gives you 60% progress and workout 40% so follow this basic steps:

You need to eat 5-6 times per day . Smaller meals with high volume of proteins food like meat or pork, less carbs and fat, rice is really good. Eat vegetables and eggs and drink water. Muscles are made of proteins that is why they need proteins to grow, daily you need around 130-200g proteins so follow what you eat. A lot of carbs and fat will make your muscles look strange, you will not have shaped muscles because of that, so try to eat as less as possible food that is of carbs and fat.

Now that you know something about nutrition you can start with workout and muscle building routines that work the best. You need to work 3-5 times per week, usually have a day off between workout days, so your muscles can rest and regenerate. On each workout day you work on two muscle categories like: chest, legs, triceps, biceps, shoulders and back.

Each muscle category needs to have its own specific exercises that consist of 3-4 routines which is enough. Usually the main exercises have 4 routines and advanced ones 3. Each routine has its own reps. If you want to gain bigger muscles faster and lose less fat you need to have 8-6 reps in each routine. If you want to first lose fat and then gain muscles do 12-8 reps in each routine.

Now you got muscle building routines covered with this basic tips and advices. We have still more advanced techniques to give you faster results and better details of routines in our eBook.

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