The Ideal Muscle Building Solution

Contrary to popular opinion, building muscle is based on a few very simple fundamentals. However, through years of deceptive marketing, bogus theories and is useless supplements, the focus has been removed from these fundamentals. In fact, the marketing world has had everyone convinced that building muscle can be done by ingesting a few powders, pills or portions or even jumping onto the latest workout craze. Now everyone is searching for that elusive ‘Holy Grail’.

The truth is much less glamorous than this. Simply put, building muscle has to be approached very clinically in order to get the best results. It also has to be specific toward your goals and exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your physique. What I am talking about is a customised approach, that tailors itself specifically your somatotype (the type of muscle fibres that are dominant within your body). You will also need to consider your age, your weight, your lifestyle, your current goals and also, you need to consider much time you can dedicate to your bodybuilding conquest (you don’t need much).

As a matter of fact, muscle is built by nutrients and therefore, nutrition has to be the biggest area of focus if you’re going to pursue the goal successfully. Ideally, the best possible situation is whereby muscle mass is gained without any fat being gained. This makes diet a central component. Your diet needs to have the right amount of calories and macronutrients, especially before and after your workouts.

This nutrition also needs to factor in muscle recovery, enabling the muscles to best grow and recover when you’re out of gym. You also need to be fuelling your body in the correct manner in the two anabolic windows which are before and after your workouts. These seemingly minor and mundane practices tend to make the difference between a trainee who frequents the gym for many months, spending hours and each session while getting nowhere and the trainee will only stays the gym for less than an hour at a time, three times a week and seems to have add layers upon layers of muscle.

Another thing that needs to be factored in is discovering just how many calories and nutrition your body needs to maintain your existing (and increasing) muscle mass. This is necessary so as not to lose all the muscle that you have worked (and are working) so hard for.

When it comes to supplementation, a lot of trainees follow the rough guidelines that are given either on the instructional pack on the side of their protein shake tub or in a fitness magazine that they happen to came across. Its safe to say that this information is not in any way customised towards the trainee’s goals, physique and lifestyle.

You need to know exactly how much shake you need to optimise muscle growth without gaining any excess fat.. So what am I suggesting? I suggest that if you want to pack on slabs upon slabs of muscle in the shortest amount of time possible, then you need to take a more customised approach. You need to use a more focused method that zeroes in on your goals and takes advantage of every muscle building opportunity possible. This will enable you to gain a lot of muscle in impossibly short periods of time. It will also keep you motivated as you will start to see results almost immediately.

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