Building Lean Muscle Means a Good Diet

Two of the most interesting and frustrating statements that people make are, “I just want to tone my arms,” or “I just want to lose a little fat around my stomach/legs/butt/whatever.”  Or this one, “I don’t want to get bulky, I just want some lean muscle.”

The simple truth is that all three statements are false, to be charitable – or delusional, to be a little harsh.  Let’s not be harsh, let’s say that these folks are just misinformed.  There is no such thing as toning (what is toning?).  There is no spot reduction.  Tom Venuto has a great article about doing 1000 sit-ups a day.  And if getting bulky were easy, we’d all be extra-large.

But building that lean muscle, there’s something we can talk about. 

Weightlifting, strength training, bodybuilding all do one thing and that is make you stronger.  Along the way, as a  byproduct of getting stronger, the muscles will grow.  A small percentage, maybe 10% of men and 1% of women will get big, as in bodybuilding big.  The rest of us will get some size, bigger than your average bear, but by no means a grizzly.

So, as you lift and challenge yourself at every workout, your muscles will get stronger and a little bigger.  The visual effect will be a hard muscle.  When people feel you, you will seem less like a marshmallow and more like a size of beef.  That’s good.

And it’s all lean muscle – good right.

So, why do some look – well – bulky? Where’s the muscle definition?  And you said that getting bulky was a myth!

Well, here’s the thing, exercises make your muscles stronger and leaner.  Dieting strips the fat from your body and shows it off.  In fact, dieting is really what makes your muscles stronger and leaner.

Exercises tear down your muscles and dieting builds it up. Simple, I understand; nevertheless, it is fundamental to building a leaner, meaner (in a good way) you.  The two go hand in hand.

You cannot simply set a goal of building a leaner, muscular you without having a clean balanced diet to furnish all the nutrients.  Larry Scott used to say that nutrition was 80% of bodybuilding. 

If all you did was push-ups, pull-ups, dips, one legged squats, deep knee bends, crunches, and reverse crunches; you would do great, so long as your diet was good.

In fact, a good diet is your insurance policy.  Whereas, you could have the greatest workouts in the world, but if you dieting is terrible and lazy; then you will have no progress.  Clean balanced diet is the key to building a lean, muscular body.

A good diet doesn’t need Hoodia or apple vinegar cider whatever.  A good diet consists of plenty of water, lots of veggies and fruits, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and balanced sources of protein.  It does not include high fructose corn syrup, processed sugars, alcohol, white bread, and fast foods or Ho-ho’s.  Okay, I’ll fight you on Ho-ho’s.

So, the equation for building lean muscle is the same as getting stronger:  training to maximum effort plus good diet plus lots of rest equal great, strong body.  Can’t beat that.

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Building Lean Muscle Mass with Protein

What if I told you that most dieting myths of the past 20 years have already been scientifically debunked? Would you believe me if I said that fat doesn’t make you fat, diet sodas and zero-calorie sweeteners actually lead to greater weight GAIN, and carbohydrates are often not your friends? Chance are, you might feel a little depressed, especially if you have some weight to lose. If those classic tidbits of diet advice are worthless, what CAN help you slim down and shape up? Are you simply doomed to a life of size 14 jeans and a one-piece bathing suit, or a perpetual beer belly if you’re a guy?

Take heart, dieters of the 21st century! Lean muscle mass is the way to go when it comes to burning off extra fat. A pound of muscle burns almost 350 calories more per week than the same pound of fat, which means that over time increased muscle mass will actually eat away at your fat stores (assuming you’re not overeating). This can result in a loss of up to 5 lb of fat per year – and trust me, losing 20 pounds of FAT is quite different than losing 20 pounds of weight. On a traditional, high-carbohydrate reduced calorie diet, only a third or fourth of weight lost by dieters comes from fat – the rest results from muscle or water loss. In extremely low calorie diets additional weight may also be lost from organs and bones – NOT what you want! Getting skinny this way also doesn’t take care of your cellulite – it’s possible to weigh 115 pounds and still be flabby. Fat loss is FAR more important than weight loss, and when you build muscle, you’ll lose fat.

So what does it take to build this fabulous lean muscle? Well, let’s go into some science real quick – muscle is composed of glycogen, a type of protein. While glycogen stores are replenished in a variety of ways, the most important nutrient requirement is obvious: PROTEIN! If you want to build muscle, you’ll need to have a good source of protein. Meat-eating dieters can most likely get by on animal products, but a vegetarian or serious body-builder will definitely want to invest in a high quality whey protein powder. The best natural protein supplements will go by the name whey protein isolate; soy and rice protein powder is also available, but these sources are more highly refined.

If you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, get plenty of natural protein via a high protein diet, and train your muscles 2-3x a week, you WILL see those pounds slide off – and you won’t have been fooled by those crazy diet myths from the 80’s!

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Build Lean Muscle Mass

You can build lean muscle effectively by using shorter repetitions and heavier weights. By focusing on your large muscle groups through high weights, high intensity, and short repetitions will enable you to build muscle effectively. The intensity levels should vary in your workouts. When you are working to build strength, keep away from fixed intensity levels and insert variety in your exercise. When you do so, you will be building lean muscle effectively.  

Monitoring your workouts and your diet can also help in building slabs of lean muscles. If you want to use supplements, speak with a fitness specialist expert to determine which supplements are most appropriate for your body type and your fitness goals. Make sure you eat a proper diet which includes the high protein levels and high quantities of water. Eat meals regularly, instead of larger meals less frequently in order to build muscle effectively.  

Take the necessary foods your body needs to be a lean machine. That means you have to cut out all those fast foods and junk foods. Make sure that you eat lots of protein since this is what your body needs the most to make lean muscle mass. Lean protein foods include fish, lean meats and beans. Supply your body with the quantity of water it needed. Exercising should sweat you out. This means that water is leaving your body and you need to put it back in. In addition, your body needs water to work and keep itself lubricated while building muscles. Make sure to drink plenty of water about eight to ten glasses per day.  

Start in a light weight lifting schedule and slowly move your way up to the next level. Instead of using weight machines, which are easy, use free weights instead. Free weights makes your bodies learn how to balance and distribute the weights evenly to ensure you build muscle mass evenly. To perform bench presses, use free weights and perform fly exercise quickly. Fly exercise can be done by lying back on a bench, holding a balance weight in each hand. Elevate the weights above until the weights touch, keeping the weights in line with your breast nipples. Use also heavy weight but perform fewer repetitions to build lean muscle. Work with a partner or one who is an expert the first few times you use free weights.

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