Top 5 Muscle Building Mistakes

There are plenty of muscle building mistakes that both men and women make. Here are five of the most common ones:

1. Using bad form and technique when lifting weights.

It’s amazing how much bad form and technique you see in gyms everywhere. I often see more people at my gym using bad form and technique than I see using good form and technique.

Many people perform their reps at a fast speed, swinging the weight up and down, or they perform half-reps instead of using a full range of motion. Bad form and technique is usually the result of someone using a weight that’s too heavy for them. In order to lift the weight, they have to use momentum or do half-reps.

When lifting weights, you want to use a weight that challenges you but that’s not so heavy that your form and technique get sloppy. Use muscle power, not momentum, to lift the weight. Don’t heave, swing or bounce the weight. Lift and lower the weight in a steady and controlled manner while concentrating on feeling the muscle that you’re working (this is called the mind-muscle connection). Use a full range of motion on each rep.

2. Not training hard enough.

You have to work out with a high level of intensity if you want to build muscle. Plenty of people just go through the motions when lifting weights, often using the same amount of weight and doing the same number of reps for months at a time.

In order to build muscle, your workouts have to be challenging enough to put some serious stress on your muscles. Stress on the muscles is what causes them to grow and get stronger. Once you reach a point where particular exercises in your workout routine aren’t very challenging anymore, it’s time to raise the intensity by increasing the number of reps you perform or the amount of weight you use for those exercises.

3. Training too often.

Training too often interferes with both your muscle’s and your nervous system’s ability to recuperate from your weight lifting workouts. It’s important to understand that muscles don’t grow during training, they grow after training. Lifting weights causes microscopic tears in the muscles, and rest days allow the muscles to repair themselves, grow and get stronger.

Training too often and not giving your muscles enough time to recover will cause muscle growth and strength increases to come to a halt. A muscle needs at least 48 hours of rest to recover from a weight lifting workout, so never train the same muscle group two days in a row.

4. Performing the wrong exercises.

We are all individuals, and we all respond differently to exercise. Particular exercises that work best for me or someone else might not work best for you.

Too many people get locked into doing particular exercises that their bodies don’t respond well to because they’ve read somewhere or been told by someone that these are the exercises they have to do in order to build muscle. You need to try a variety of different exercises in order to determine which ones your body responds best to. Don’t continue performing certain exercises if you’re not getting good results from those exercises.

5. Not following a proper nutrition program.

Building muscle and proper nutrition go hand in hand. Proper nutrition helps your muscles recover from your workouts and helps your muscles grow and get stronger. Proper nutrition also provides you with the energy you need for your weight training workouts. You can follow the best weight lifting program ever developed, but if you’re not following a proper nutrition program you’ll have trouble building muscle.

There are countless nutrition programs on the market that claim that their way of eating is the right way to eat to build muscle, but the reality is that no single nutrition program works for everyone. What types of food you should eat, what mix of protein, carbohydrate and fat you should eat, and how much food you should eat needs to be based on factors such as your body type, your genetics and your metabolism. In other words, your nutrition program has to be personalized so it can meet your individual needs and goals. The more personalized your nutrition program is, the more effectively you’ll build muscle.

In conclusion, by avoiding these five common muscle building mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to building more muscle and strength and developing a better looking body.

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Avoid These Muscle Building Mistakes and You Will Build Bigger Muscle Fast

When it comes to building bigger muscle, many men fail because they make crucial mistakes when it comes to exercising and try to build muscle mass. In this article I’m going to show you two muscle and mistakes that many men make back and cost a massive gains. Try to eliminate these mistakes from the regiment and you will gain bigger muscle fast.

Mistake 1- Trying to Train like a Professional Bodybuilder- many professional bodybuilders use close to $ 100,000 per year worth of steroids and most of them have better muscle building genetics. They have better genetics than about 99% of us so it would be silly to try to imitate their muscle building strategies. It can actually be the worst thing you can possibly do. The amount of repetitions and sets that they perform during the week are just numbers that we had average guys could never wish to recover from. But they take tons of stairways to enhance their ability to recover from that training. So if you want to work out and recover naturally, it will be a mistake to try to imitate these professional bodybuilders because they are assisted by steroids. Performing like this can hinder your growth.

Mistake 2- Not Maximizing Your Natural Testosterone Production – 50 years ago Manhattan about 50% higher testosterone levels than they do today. That’s saying a lot, and the thing is it’s getting worse. Their countless factors that contribute to this it is a major epidemic in something needs to be done about it immediately. The way to build bigger muscle fast is to turn your body into a natural testosterone and growth hormone producing machine. That is possible without the use of steroids but rather you can use highly targeted exercises with a high-level of muscular activation, which has been proven scientifically to trigger production of testosterone.

Also never try to exceed 45 minutes of working out. When you do that, testosterone levels plummet and your cortisol levels will rise rapidly. Cortisol is a hormone that eats away at muscle tissue and increases storage of body fat so this is obviously something that you want to stay away from. So never exceed 45 minutes while working out.

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