Optimum Nutrition For Muscle Building

Everyone lifting weights in the gym has a different idea of what they want to achieve so what is the optimum nutrition required for each and every method of training people carry out?

This is a question that plagues every gym going individual, just how many calories do they need and how much protein is required? Well today you will get the answers as we tell you just what the optimum nutrition is for everyone no matter what they want to achieve.

Calorie Intake

So the first part of talking about the optimum nutrition requirements is daily calorie intake. Interestingly there is a simple yet effective formula for this, which is surprising given many people do not know how many calories their body requires.

The daily calorie intake for those visiting the gym differs for three reasons. One of these reasons is that the individual wishes to bulk up with muscle, one is that the individual wishes to stay the same weight as they are. The final reason is that the individual wishes to lose weight and cut up for definition.

Bulking up

For bulking up with muscle the formula is to take an individuals weight in pounds and times this by eighteen to get the required daily calorie intake.

Maintaining weight

For maintaining weight the formula is to take the individuals weight in pounds and times this by fourteen for the required calories.

Lose weight and cut up

For losing weight and cutting up for definition the formula is to take the individuals weight in pounds and times this by twelve and you get the daily required calories for this.


Bulking up – 210lbs x 18 = 3780 calories per day
Maintaining weight – 210lbs x 14 = 2940 calories per day
Losing weight/cut up – 210lbs x 12 = 2520 calories per day

The second function for understanding the optimum nutrition requirements is the required protein intake.

Protein Intake

Without a good level of protein intake your body will not be able to give you the strength required to endure heavy weight training sessions and will not be able to promote muscle growth and recovery.

Protein intake requirements run off another simple formula, this is to take in 0.75 grams to 1 gram of protein for every pound a person weighs. This formula doesn’t change no matter what your goals are. This means that a man of 210 pounds in weight requires 157.5 to 210 grams of protein per day for optimal muscle building.


Good fats, that’s Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated fat (collectively called Trans fats), are very important to anyone wishing to lift weights in the gym. Many people neglect fats in their diet as they think they are not good for them but this could not be further from the truth.

Good fats carry out many important functions in the body yet the body cannot create this itself so they all have to be derived from our diet.


As you can see its actually very easy to understand your bodies requirements to get the most out of your weightlifting no matter what you wish to achieve. If you use the above as a guideline to your optimum nutrition then you are sure to achieve your goals.

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