Building Muscle Mass With Russian Stim

The development of muscles of the body is important for every living thing. Every movement made involves the use of one or more of these important parts of the body. Having them in good condition is a must for over all health. One way to be sure this happens is with the Russian stim method.

The fact that an electrical current can activate muscles was discovered many years ago and it has been studied ever since. Different amounts of this current affects the targeted areas as well as affecting cells, nerves and blood vessels.

This type of increasing activity of body mass has been adapted by the medical community. It is used in rehabilitation and other areas where reviving muscle activity is necessary. This method is now being actively tested on people with paralysis to attempt to revive nerves in the affected areas. It has also been used in the training of athletes who are entering other types of competition.

Many body builders and others wishing to increase a certain area size, in order to compete or just feel good, use this method to achieve their goal. Exercising is one way to provide this increase of mass but using this type of apparatus does not require excessive movement of the body. The two activities are often used simultaneously. Many of these people are training for a specific purpose such as competitions or have some other reason to want a large display of muscle.

A program using this process does not aid in weight reduction or calorie burning. That can only be done by actual exercise and/or correct diet. It is said to be effective in injuries to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It is not used for pain control but simply to prevent muscle atrophy and keep the limbs active. It’s main purpose is to improve muscle tone by stimulating particular areas.

There are two different types of this program which have been approved by the FDA. One is over the counter and one requires a medical prescription. The medical prescription is for therapy and must be under the supervision of an authorized person. On the prescription model electrodes are attached to various muscle positions under supervision and heavier currents are used compared to the model available to the public.

Some of the over the counter models have the electrodes attached to a belt or some other type of holder which is then put on the area desired. Other have individual units which can be placed in various places. It uses an electric current and has the power of a 9 volt battery with various time set modes which one can set for length of time desired.

This method, called the Russian Stim, does not completely replace exercise, but is used in conjunction with it, if one sincerely wishes to improve muscle mass. The unit contracts and relaxes the area where the electrodes are attached, thus creating the same changes as would occur in voluntary contraction of the muscles.

The electronic muscle stimulator is useful for physical therapy and medical rehabilitation. One specialized ESM product that stands out is the Russian Stim. Known for its pain relief and minimum disturbance, the Russian Stim is popular among many Asian countries.