3 Muscle Building Workouts That Suck

Being in shape can get expensive. You have to buy equipment, buy a gym membership, clothes, and special foods. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it suck if you spent all that money but did all the wrong exercises and did not get the results you were looking for? It sure would. There are some exercises out there that just aren’t good enough and here are a few…

The Smith-Machine Squat
When you do this exercise on this machine, the weight travels along a fixed vertical track. Because of this, your body cannot stabilize itself and gain a balance achieved through a normal environment. Too much of this can lead to your muscles being unbalanced. When you do a normal squat your abs try and balance out your body. Your abs are being worked out too. The Smith Machine does not allow your body to do this. You can still use the machine, but do it occasionally.

Leg Curl
This exercise works on your hamstring. This is the only exercise and the only environment where your hamstrings are being worked out alone, without the motion of other muscles. What does this lead to? Again, muscle imbalance! When you walk or do anything that is normal, your hamstrings are never in motion alone. There are always other muscles that are in conjunction with your hamstrings. This is why legs curls should never be done too often or you will be walking like a penguin.

Sit Ups In Order To Lose Belly Fat
Many people are falsely convinced that if they do enough sits ups, tummy tucks, ab workouts, and all of those other abdominal workouts they will lose “belly fat.” This is not true. Doing exercises like these will not help you lose belly fat. The only thing it will do is help tone up and increase the size of your abs. But they will “not” be visible because of the belly fat. In order to get rid of belly fat, you have to do full body workouts such as involving cardio. Running, squats, and jumping jacks are just a few. You must also eat healthy too.

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5 Muscle Building Home Workouts

Its true! We don’t all have the time to go to the gym all the time, much more put the effort to actually go. But no worries, you don’t need a gym in order to get started on the journey to a better body. You can always get started at home, without the need more expensive equipment or an expensive gym membership.

Push ups

Push ups are probably the most hated form of natural exercise, especially among women. But let’s face it, they are still useful. They help strengthen your arms, biceps, and pecs. If you want to strengthen your chest, you should have your arms wider and further apart. Push ups are a powerful exercise if done right. In order to do them right you need to go down really low and have your butt pointing inwards.

Sit ups
It is falsely believed that sit ups help burn belly fat but the truth is, it does not. You need to do other things in order to lose belly fat. But if you have very little belly fat, sit ups are a great way to increase the depth, size, and strength of your abs. For extra support, you can put your arms outwards and pretend you are holding on to a bar in order to pull yourself up. This helps with balance and gives you more power.

You may take jumping for granted, but there are many benefits to it. Much more than you think. Jumping can get your heart beat up and can build up your stamina. Jumping also helps with your leg muscles and if you are still growing, jumping can help you get taller. The muscles used in jumping are the calf muscles and thigh muscles.

Back Extension
If you have back problems are back pain, doing this can make a big difference. To do a back extension, lay flat on the ground with your stomach on the floor. Hold your hands to your chin or extend them outwards. Now lift them up while also lifting your head up as if you are trying to look up. You can also lift your legs at the same time if you can do it.

Squats help build muscle on your legs and insures better stamina. When done correctly, you should feel a burn in your thighs. To do a squat, it is wise to either extend your arms out or to put your index fingers on your temple. A squat should be done slowly and you should go mid way to the ground.

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Best Muscle Building Workouts – Programs

Best Muscle Building Workouts

Body building is a serious matter. Most people want to pursue this interest for health, others for their self-esteem, while others intend to create an aesthetic significance. Generally, body building is a significantly beneficial body pursuit, however most people are actually deterred from this field because of the tough commitment it requires. Most importantly, some people are deterred because they are not getting the shape they want regardless of their effort. Well don’t give up because you are probably on the right track but could use a little guidance.

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Full Body Workouts For Muscle Building

You can build muscles without looking for muscle magazine workouts. Isolation exercises are good once you have built the base exercises. You can depend on squat since it is considered as the king of all workouts. You should consider squats, dead lifts, bench press, barbell rows, overhead press, pull-ups and dips for building muscle at an accelerated rate. Great muscle gainers will do workout 5 to 6 times a week. But they did not begin it this way. The number of days per week was added when they got stronger. You will be doing excess exercises if you are working out 5 to 6 times weekly. A beginner will need more recovery time.

Rest and recovery time is an important factor in muscle building. Muscles are growing not when you are working out. They grow when you are resting. You can start your workout routines with three full body workouts in a week. Your focus should be on increasing intensity. The time you are spending in a gym is not at all a factor. Sleep is an important factor in muscle building. Growth hormones are released when you are sleeping. Muscle building hence takes place when you are sleeping. You should have 8 hours of sleep daily. You can take a nap after you have done your workouts if you have got time.

Drinking lot of water is essential for muscle building. Water is good to avoid dehydration and helps recovery of muscles. 2 cups of water after meals will serve good. You should make it a practice to sip water after doing each workout. Eat sufficient food to build muscles. Your training will not be supported if you are not eating sufficient food. You need enough calories for recovery and muscle building. Whole food will lower body fat. Muscle you are building will show only if you have less fat content in your body.

Vitamins and minerals will help muscle recovery. Stop eating junk foods. Ninety percentage of your food intake should be whole foods. Proteins rich food like meat, poultry, fish, eggs and milk are good for building muscles. Carbohydrates rich food like brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta and quinoa will give more energy for doing the workouts. Vegetables like broccoli, tomato, salad, carrot are also good for muscle building. Fruits like banana, orange, apple, pineapple and peers can be taken after each meal. Fats are also good if present in olive oil, fish oil, real butter, nuts and flax seeds for muscle building.

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Get Fit and Build Muscle With Super Star Muscle Building Workouts

Action star Jason Statham is lean and cut. His muscles literally pop off the screen when he does a fight scene. You can’t have his genetics but you can with some dedication and proper training, develop the strength and physique of an action star.

If you are currently working out regularly, you can adopt a diet and training program that can get you there. On the other hand, if you have kids, are busy with work and social responsibilities, they take time away from working out. It’s so easy to discontinue your work outs or become sporadic in your execution.

I will show you how you can eventually get the Stratham physique with a bit of creative thinking and planning. With proper application, you’ll fit it all together.

Get it done in less than an hour
Coaches and fitness trainers say that the best workout for your body is one that takes care of your strength training and metabolic activity within 45 minutes. Using Jason Stratham’s routine, here are some great tips to help you started.

Rowing machine
If you are busy in the mornings, you can start your day with an at-home rowing machine. Jason is a maniac with this tried and true fat burner. It works your abs, legs and shoulders. You can sit in front of the Television in the evenings to see what’s happening in the world. Thirty minutes of rowing will reduce your fat level and strengthen your body.

Squat on your lunch
If you love to take an afternoon walk, try this one for your next lunch break. Do 5 sets of 10 reps of squats and then go for a nice 10 minute walk. You’ll be working your big muscles, burning fat and still have time to eat a healthy lunch. Jason Stratham uses body squats to build stamina and strength.

Get Active with Your Kids
Think that you don’t have time to work out because you have kids? Well, get the kids involved; workout together. Go swimming together, or biking in the park. This way you and your kids are getting some time to work out.

Jump rope and swing on the monkey bars
Get out to the park with your kids and while they are playing, ride your bike, bring a jump rope or take to the monkey bars to do some pull ups. Do this regularly to gain strength and resistance. You’ll be able to challenge your time, your reps and your sets with each visit.

Purchase Quality Home Gym Equipment
Forget the ab roller and other late night fad equipment. Your basic equipment can be four sets of dumbbells, a workout mat, an exercise ball, and a jump rope. This setup can get you going with a 30 minute workout every day. the majority of Stratham’s workout relies on bodyweight strength training.

Once you get moving and motivated, upgrade to a quality home gym with safety features. In the end it will save you money and time. This way you can roll out of bed and straight to the gym. Very soon you’ll find that your commitment grows along with your muscles.

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Kettlebell Workouts for Muscle Building – Are Kettlebells Better than Barbells?

Kettlebell Workouts for Muscle Building - Are Kettlebells Better than Barbells?

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Top Muscle Building Workouts

It is important to build muscles. Muscles signify a fit body. Achieving that sculpted body means knowing the right kind of muscle building workouts.

The first step in the workout is to perform strength exercises. This can either be using free weights or body weight. This is to ready the body for more strenuous routines later. More calories are burned and more body fat is eliminated while doing weighted exercises. The muscles perform greater activity in the combination of balancing and weights.

One of the most important muscle building workouts is the shifting routine. For starters, isolation muscle exercises are discouraged. Target more muscle groups in one exercise combo. Muscles are built faster in a complex exercise. Exercise combos include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. A discouraged routine includes dumbbell curls.

One constant question is whether to use free weights or weight machines in exercises. Free weights are recommended for starters. It stimulates more muscle groups than using weight machines. Compound exercises are also more possible when using free weights. Free weights are especially good for home gyms. Weight machines are also recommended for isolation exercises but this kind of routines focus on certain muscle groups and have slow results.

Insert supersets in the routine. An exercise that targets both the muscles in the chest and back is more beneficial. This is possible by performing push-ups and dumbbell back rows simultaneously. A superset aims to put more strain in more muscle groups as possible.

Another recommended workout is the bench press. Bench press targets lower body muscles primarily. It also is beneficial for pectorals, triceps, front deltoids, and serratus. Utilize a spotter when doing bench press to avoid workout accidents.

Internal training is also vital. Internal training is the combined routine of high intensity and light intensity workouts. This step encourages progression. In a treadmill, sprint for the 10 seconds. For the next 30 seconds, perform light walking. Surprising the body with high intensity intervals burns body fat faster, builds muscles quickly, and stimulates fast metabolism without too much damage in the muscle tissues.

The next step is to do an exercise combo of strength training and cardio routines. This routine builds muscle mass faster than isolation exercises. Only 30 minutes per day is required to achieve maximum results. This includes 10 minutes warm-up, 10 minutes medium level strength exercise involving the whole body, and 10 minutes of cardio exercises in high intensity.

With a barbell, perform deadlifts. Deadlifts targets overall body strength especially in the midsection up to the lower part of the back. It can be inserted into the routine at any time. It is advisable to perform weighted exercises though before doing deadlifts.

Muscle building workouts require persistence. With the right routine combination, muscles are built in no time. It is important to monitor daily progress per day. Track how much boy fat is lost. Combine the right exercises with proper eating. The two complement each other. High intensity workouts are futile if partnered with over eating. Visible muscle results are optimized in eating protein-rich foods.


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