The Top 3 Muscle Building Foods

There are a number of muscle building foods that you can add to your diet especially if you feel that you need a bit of help in that department but there are two misconceptions that you should try to avoid at all times. One: subscribing to an all protein diet. And two: favoring prepackaged diet foods in favor or real food.

An all protein diet was promulgated during the mid-1980s, most of which runs in the vein of literally drinking 6 to 12 eggs per day. But that diet is so passé, especially now that eggs are considered to be too calorific to be taken more than once a week. In other words, an all protein diet (or egg rich diet, for that matter) is not a very good option to take if you want to build up muscle mass.

Likewise, a diet consisting of prepackaged diet foods has been proven to be detrimental to body building as well. These foods are packed with sugar, salt, extenders and preservatives just to make them slightly palatable. At the same time, portions are severely limited so as not to make the person gain weight. The best muscle building foods still remain those that are fresh and those that have undergone as little processing as possible. As such, here is a list of a couple of muscle building foods that Mother Nature has provided.

1. Fish oils. Not all oils are bad for the diet. Natural fish oils are usually rich in Omega 3 compounds which can even lower bad cholesterol. You can get these by eating oily or fatty fish like wild salmon and tuna. Make sure though that you prepare these yourself, and cook as lightly as possible. You can eat raw tuna, you know. Eschew the canned meats. Smoked salmon meat would be a better alternative to the canned ones, and the frozen tuna meat (no marinade) would serve the same purpose as well. Three servings per week are recommended, but you can always increase more as a great source of protein as well.

2. Red and white meats. Speaking of proteins, you do not have to strictly adhere to a vegan diet, or a fish diet to gain the proteins you need. Choose from a long list of red and white meats available. Most people prefer white meats from poultry products, but a few servings of red meat trimmed off its fatty layers can have the same benefits. Again, it is important to prepare these on your own, and cook with as little artificial flavorings as possible. Use home made marinades, and ditch the condiments altogether. Grill your meats, or boil them in stews (while removing the fatty oil in the water.)

3. Berries, nuts and seeds. Piddling as these are, berries, nuts and seeds contain all the necessary elements that can promote body building. Most berries contain high levels of antioxidants. Seeds are especially rich in fiber and protein as well. Nuts can contain everything from fiber, healthy fats, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, and zinc. Make sure though that the berries are fresh, and the seeds and nuts are salt and sugar free.


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